Heroes of the Storm crowns a dorm champ, catalyzes a wedding

Congrats are due this week to the University of Texas at Arlington, whose Heroes of the Storm e-sports team pretty much walked away handily with the Heroes of the Dorm trophy given at the Las Vegas National Championships on Saturday. UT Arlington finishes its competitive year with a 29-0 record and blots out its huge loss to Arizona State last year.

The five students pick up free college tuition for up to three years (up to $75,000 total) as their prize, so not a bad deal at all. Google says tuition at UT Arlington is just under $10,000, which is dirt cheap in the States, in case you’re wondering, so Blizz got away easy!

In other Heroes of the Storm news, Kotaku has a whimsical report out on two lovebirds who met while playing Heroes of the Storm, and against really all the odds everywhere, married each other last week. They didn’t cosplay at their wedding, in case you’re wondering, but they considered it!

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The story of the couple who met and got married was very sweet. :)

Sally Bowls

I was initially surprised at that low tuition. Then I remembered that many state universities are land grant colleges. The difference was that the land was in Texas … (cue the music.) “And up through the ground come a bubblin crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea. ”

So Texas A&M has an endowment of $10B and the UT system’s endowment last year was $25B, the second largest in the US.

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Score one for my alma mater. I guess. Got my Bachelor’s degree at UT Arlington but can’t say I feel any lasting connection to the place. They are right that tuition is cheap…one of the reasons I went there :p


I’m not into playing MOBAs myself, but I’ve been watching a bunch of HotS lately. I don’t understand the fine details, but it’s been somewhat entertaining nonetheless.

Nice to hear about the couple. It’s too bad they didn’t decide to cosplay during the wedding. I really like the Lunar Jaina look too.


I am not going to try and push you into something you don’t enjoy, but just as a heads up HotS 2.0 (large update with a whole new hero progression and a new Overwatch map around there too) is coming april 25th and really is the perfect time to give the game a shot if you are a little interested.


i enjoy bot matches in this game but really suck donkey dicks playing it in pvp. lol >>

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Pedge Jameson

“Out of my swamp donkey you’ll get no oral copulation!”