Blade and Soul’s newest patch revamps class progression and adds new regions to explore

The latest big patch for Blade & Soul has arrived, and it brings with it some major changes. Class trees and skill points, for example, are gone altogether. In the place of this progression system is a new one that’s meant to be more intuitive and streamlined. There are also new Hongmoon levels available, and you can earn them while exploring the new Celestial Basin region, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide for yourself if the changes are really a marked improvement or not.

The patch also adds two new dungeons, the depths of Naryu Sanctum and the heights of Mushin’s Tower for groups and solo players, respectively. There are also overhauls to items and the upgrade material system. Check out the full set of patch notes for more details on the changes, which are substantial; it’s going to make leveling a very different experience, but it looks like you’ll have plenty of extra stuff to do while leveling.

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One last post and I will stop. And, no! I don’t work for NCsoft or NCwest!

The in-game story continues with this next patch. It is perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of BnS. It is very good.

It starts of generic enough. Bad things happen and you, the hero, need to make things right. But the truth is that as you move through the twists and turns you begin to realize that this isn’t really your story, that the protagonist may not be your hero.

There is a melancholy tenor to it all and there is a need to continue as a player, because suddenly you are responsible for the welfare of those whose tale is being shaped and told through your actions.

Hopefully we can save the day this time because in this game it is not always possible.


Pardon the spam, but I wanted to break this up to avoid a giant text wall. The key features in the coming patch:

-Instant 50: Because it is not an HM level cap it leaves you room to experience the game leveling and learn your class. Also you are setup with decent gear and the Training Room that spoon feeds your combat skills so you can get up to speed quickly and into the good content.

-Leveling is no longer a gear grind. You get everything you need while leveling so that when you reach level 50 you will have the gear your need to avoid the grind wall. Don’t get me wrong, the higher you go the more you will have to invest, but you are setup to succeed.

-Reduction in Legendary Weapon costs. This is huge for existing players. Many casual players have hit a wall because of the current grind for mats required to upgrade gear. Many will now have access to high tier content which they didn’t before. Good for the game overall, but a bit painful as players learn how to navigate these new bits of content.

-Hongmoon Points: Hongmoon levels, that is levels gained after you reach cap, will reward you with points which you can use to fine tune your toon in very specific ways. You can put points toward dps, defense, hit points or a mix of all three. This is new and very exciting because you can specialize a little bit. Dps mongers can go all in on dps, tanks can be “tankier” utility players can tweak a mix to ensure that they have more than just utility. There will be an increase proficiency across the board with out using a nerf bat to content.

Joshua Dickerson

They did this a day early? Could have sworn in-game it kept saying the 12th


Good point. No. The patch drops tomorrow our time.

I’ve seen this happen before. Wouldn’t be surprised if the website update is a little early.


As I mentioned in the Training Room article prior to this one, the skills update is a double edge sword. For new players, altoholics, and pure PvP, it is a great thing. It simplifies things and also makes for a more level playing field. For veterans, and those that squeeze every bit out of the abilities currently provided to customize builds for certain bosses, PvP opponents, and battle grounds it is a step back. It is removing an aspect of combat that allows hybrid builds.

But, alas, that is the way of MMORPGs these days, and the finer points of the skill trees will be forgotten in short order given everything else dropping with this patch.

The net, net? If you are interested in seeing what BnS has to offer, this Thursday will be a good time to jump in and have a look. The devs have been listening and there is something for all levels of experience and skill in this patch. And what is more, this is truly a f2p game. Nothing is inaccessible if you are playing for free.


When I stopped playing, my character had full inventory because I was forced to keep all the outfits I bought in inventory and storage since the wardrobe is only available to premium. So yeah, there are inaccessible things if you don’t pay. Inventory space is the biggest one.


Actually, with this patch they are giving you one entire row of storage for 1 copper piece. Basically, kill one mob, and buy a row with the loot drop.

Now, it will not house all of your swag outfits you get along the way, but you don’t need them all to play.

Kickstarter Donor

Shit, forgot this was coming and dove headfirst into DDO over the weekend. Guess I’ve gotta split my time between DDO and this for the time being, I promised myself I’d give B&S a serious spin with this update.


No worries. You will have plenty of time. Trust me, there is so much content you can dive in at anytime and not have any problem even coming close to being to far behind or running out of things to do.

And with all the streamlining, the instant 50, the training room and the skill revamp, you can choose how you dive in. And the game is so alt friendly you may be buying slots as you try out new classes to see what you like and not lose much in terms of progress in the process.