Revelation Online’s Faerie Funland amusement park is open for business in Stardust

After a long day of annihilating species and running FedEx quests for ungrateful NPCs, one needs a stress-relieving break. For this, Revelation Online invites players to come visit its brand-new Faerie’s Funland theme park.

Faerie’s Funland is only open two days a week and is structured like a large board game. Players will navigate the park and engage in mini-games to earn all sorts of prizes, such as cosmetics and golden earrings.

The amusement park isn’t the only feature that came with yesterday’s Stardust update. The game also opened up Starshatter Island, a PvP zone designed for large-scale (up to 400 players) guild vs. guild battles. The island opens once a day and auto-levels all participants to 79 so that as many people as possible can participate.

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2 Comments on "Revelation Online’s Faerie Funland amusement park is open for business in Stardust"

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Victor Barreiro Jr.

I have to ask. Is revonline worth playing or paying?

I heard they had a had some kind of password weirdness recently too. :(

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Unaware of any password issue. It does have a lot of cool MMO features. It’s definitely not one of those games that tries to hide the MMO part of the game. It embraces that whole eastern we-have-to-make-these-systems-and-UI-as-confusing-as-possible thing, and it didn’t capture me enough for me to really figure out some of the sub-systems, but it’s not bad. Especially if you like that whole Tera, silly anime, style.