WildStar looks forward to more Prime difficulty content over the next year

The first major WildStar patch of 2017 unlocked the Primal Matrix and added the Prime difficulty level for select dungeons. What’s next for the game? According to the newest state of the game letter, it’s time for even more Prime difficulty, including Prime difficulty raids! No longer will you have to suffer through the normal difficulty raids like some sort of sucker, assuming you could actually get a full raid group together to even take on the content, much less clear it.

The Prime difficulty is also coming to other dungeons and adventures over the remainder of the year. The other big addition is the new Communities feature, allowing players to come together and collaborate on housing plots instead of working separately. If you’re tired of how easy the raids in WildStar are, we’re sure you’ll be happy at the thought of making them even harder. If you’re not a big fan of the difficulty hike at this point, though… well, there are more Primal Matrix levels coming, so that’s something?

Source: Official Site; thanks to GreaterDivinity for the tip!


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Fluffy Magical Unicorn

Wildstar has a prime difficulty?

Clearly, this is ripping off Forever Jane’s difficulty level of ‘Prim’.

Danny Smith

Sounds like their plan is to just make people redo content rather than create new content.

Which is always the sign of a healthy dev cycle.



Apparently this is now replacing hardmode for RMT. Also, raids will have different lockouts per Prime difficulty, with raids only seeing one new Prime difficulty per patch – it’s not all rolling out at once like it did for dungeons.

Some unsurprising news, some strange news, some disappointing news.

Nadine Blot

All saw was the housing thing…took notice of that.


So, the game that is criticized for being obnoxiously difficult (and catering to the <1% of players who are hardcore) is adding increased difficulty dungeons?

I'm not trolling, I'm honestly trying to understand the thought process here.


primal matrix increased power creep.

also the main dificulty of raiding in the game at launch was HR boss due to shitty attunement process.

raid groups that overcame that hurdle tended to progress pretty well in the 20 mans. the 40 mans took so long because there wasn’t enough people in a single raid group + pugs to do it.


They need to keep pumping content out to try to keep the game afloat and folks busy, but they don’t have a big enough team to steadily produce new content.

So they’re taking the far less time consuming and far cheaper route of taking existing content and just making it more difficult. It was likely a big reason why they took the alternate advancement-esque route to begin with. Seeing their roadmap for this year, the Primal Matrix looks like a systems patch designed for a game without much new content in the works, as it allows for existing content to be easily repurposed.

Need to release “new” stuff? More dungeons/expeditions given Prime difficulty! Need more still? Raids given Prime difficulty! Still not enough? More Prime difficulty ranks! It’s actually a pretty smart use of resources on their end, even if it’s a bit (or a lot) of a bummer for players.

It’s not inherently a bad thing, but that would be if this expanded Prime content were coming alongside new content as well. But given how things are looking, the only content we likely have to look forward to in the games future, at least for now, is more Prime versions of existing group content.

James Crow

its good to see new things but to be real, i think the only thing that can push wildstar is if the company release an B2P expansion with story.
-i know the team is a small team.

wow always show us that even when you leave the game, you return to do an expansion, that how most of the time we heard about 10m players on exp release.

right now i’m not playing any mmo because i just sit and waiting for SWL (after playing TSW from day one) and waiting for ESO:M & GW2 expansion.

but in the meantime… just playing regular coopmultiplayer mode games and really want to see something big coming to wildstar – and im not talking about big layoff and cancellation :D