Wurm Online patches in new housing, siege weaponry

Sandbox MMORPG Wurm Online has pushed out a meaty update today focused partly on new additions to its housing system. Players should anticipate a series of new building materials, pavement, wall textures, fences, all of which transform into multiple new styles of houses. Moreover, “Underground housing will now be enabled on PvP servers,” says Code AB, so get your basement-level evil lairs prepped!

PvP is indeed the subject of the second part of the update; the studio says it’s altered siege weapons. Catapults, trebuchets, archery towers, and magic turrets should now be much more potent, and they’ll be joined by brand-new battering rams, the better for you to wreck your enemies’ brand-new houses.

We’ve got images of all the new homes, plus the game’s new trailer below!

Source: Press release, official site
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Robert Mann

Wurm did/does some really cool things, but it has long been hidden behind a huge paywall. If not for that and the extensive grind, the game might have had a lot more potential translate into people playing.

In the case of Wurm right now, any changes are probably too little too late for most people. It still offers that freedom if you can pay up, but there’s a fair number of newer projects pushing similar design with at least a little less grind and a LOT less paywall.

Assuming that the systems that come from the Wurm down through many other games persist, it would be an interesting historic note, though!


I love Wurm, but if it Wurm Unlimited wasn’t around, I wouldn’t play. I’m just a little disappointed that WU doesn’t get everything that WO does, but I understand why they made it that way.


There are artificial limits: the unimaginable grind and the price tag they put onto it even for a small plot of land. Premium pricing for a game that is nothing but an INSANE GRIND.
Makes South East Asian games pure casual fun.
I was playing it for a few month with some guys owning a city (they were some of the few who had such high skills that they could actually pay for the plot with that income). I was breeding horses mostly after building my house. Just a chore. Incredible repetitive waste of lifetime.

Ps: To elaborate you pay at least 8 Euro a month to be able to raise your skills beyond 20. 20 is pretty much nothing in this game. Or you can pay 10 silver (ingame currency at traders, only from other players paying money for silver obtainable) = 16 Euro. For founding a deed you pay an initial fee of 10 silver = 16 Euro. To maintain it you pay monthly deed upkeep – a minimal plot/deed of 11×1 squares (roughly 1.5 meters/5 feet per square length) costs 1 silver a month = 1.6 Euro again. That allows to have 1 animal on it (15 tiles per animal or chance of miscarriage).
So you end up with 8 Euro plus 1.6 Euro for a tiny plot plus a single time 16 Euro (you can’t move it afterwards but you can disband and receive 5 silver = 8 Euro back). No US Dollar pricing, but it is roughly $10.2 in a game where you then grind and grind and grind and there is no loot or quests or whatever and you can’t breed animals without increasing your plot size (and a lot of horses have negative traits and eat nuts amount of grass).


Ah and of course you can only buy items from traders with silver. Which you can’t earn really except selling something really wanted. Which could be boatloads of stone. For which you need the time (it is all VERY slow) and the tools. But your tools are crappy if you even have them. So you spent all that time trying to make tools or getting material for tools. And then potentially digging and mining for a bit money to get a bit better tools (maybe). But trade is rather slow (at least it was while I was playing and back then it was pretty active) as nobody has silver really and it all … takes so long.

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Paragon Lost

I’ve always wondered what this mmo would have been like if Persson hadn’t left.

Melissa McDonald

I can’t help but think the name turns people off this game. Wurm… Black plague/death… Life is feudal… really dismal motifs like that don’t scream “Play me! I’m fun!”

Robert Mann

The names don’t bug me like they do some people… but I have seen the argument before (games which have put in terms like burden, boredom, and pain in the title have been the subject of much derision over naming for decades.)

Of course, to counter I look at games with solid titles… and often find the gameplay just can’t live up to the name. Which is worse in my opinion, as with previews/reviews and videos being so common anymore most people know what a game is about before they jump in. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are being lied to about how good something is going to be, at least in terms of being de-motivating.


Can’t say that the names have ever bothered me, but the look/subject of Black Death just turns me off completely.

As for Wurm the grind in that game is on the extreme end, Several hours to make a wooden mallet for me. While I was the victim of a lot of bad luck and I did get a lot of skill up’s along the way I just wasn’t motivated to put in the time needed by that game. Concept wise though it’s very cool.


Life is Feudal has to be the most unmotivating name ever. I agree, definitely doesn’t get me to want to play.


Name is bad but UI is worse. I’ve tried to get into this game several times, but wow, that UI.