Elite Dangerous kicks off second short film competition, CTRL+ALT+SPACE 2017

The launch of Commanders 2.3 earlier this week must seem like the perfect time for Frontier to reprise its CTRL+ALT+SPACE competition because that’s exactly what the Elite Dangerous team is up to. The 2015 event asked players to create short films revolving around the game, to be judged by a panel from the studio based on “creativity, originality, ingenuity and we will be paying close attention to editing, narrative, and scene composition.” So will this one.

“Create a short film (no more than 4 minutes) in a theme of your choosing using the Camera Suite. This theme could be a short story, a trailer, or anything else you wish,” says Frontier. “We’re looking to be dazzled so whether you decide to create a trailer or a short film, the idea should be clear in your head and conveyed through your video.”

You have until May 9th (changed from the original plan for May 2nd) to get your submissions in. The top 10 submitters walk away with a bunch of nice prizes, though the best are reserved for #1; the top pick will take home in-game rewards along with a video capture card, headset, keyboard, and gaming mousepad.

Wanna know what you’re up against? This video won the community vote in 2015.

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Well. That was special…

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The new camera suite should make the submission this time round a little easier to put together. Sadly I have no talent when it comes to video editing but I will certainly look forward to seeing what folks come up with.