Rend’s mix-and-match class system is deeper than it appears

Start small, grow wide: This is the class philosophy in the upcoming survival sandbox Rend. While there are only four classes in the game, players will be able to quickly differentiate themselves from others as they level up and make important decisions about how to develop their characters.

In today’s dev blog, the team outlines how the class system will work. Players will choose a mix-and-match pairing between a primary and secondary class, with each combo offering a different experience and set of tools than the others. Then players can earn and spend talent points to flesh out those roles.

“One of our main goals when designing these classes was to give an actual choice to the player. Each class has a benefit and a drawback, sometimes in the same talent tier,” Frostkeep said.

The four class options in Rend are: the stealthy, high-burst Assassin; the tough-as-nails melee Soldier; the flexible, mobile Survivalist; and the magic-using support Mystic. As an example of how the pairings worked, the team suggested that an Assassin with a Mystic secondary could use the Mystic’s spectral light to illuminate a cave for the player but not his opponents, giving a key advantage.

Source: Rend
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Robert Mann

Oh, classes and a stealthy one in a PvP sandbox. Yeah, way to lose more of my interest after the limited numbers announcement.

Just ew. This is one thing that some of the indie sandboxes are nixing that makes the movement have some appeal, for crying out loud!


This game seems interesting. It kind of reminds me of Chronicles of Spellborn….not sure why?