SWTOR sits on a brand-new superweapon

Now that we’ve watched The Last Jedi teaser trailer a few hundred times and steeled ourselves for a potential Death Star Number 4, SWTOR would like to interest you in its own superweapon. When Update 5.2: The War for Iokath releases next week, players are going to work to uncover the truths behind the machine-dominated planet and its terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad secret. The team put out a dev diary that outlines some of the activities available for players on this new planet.

The devs say that players will be able to make a difference on the future of the game’s storyline: “You’ll need to make the ultimate choice between Republic and Empire, a decision that will impact the fate of Iokath and the greater galaxy. As the Alliance Commander, depending on your choice you will join forces with former Companions Malavai Quinn or Elara Dorne. Together you’ll fight to decide who will be victorious and claim the superweapons power.”

And everyone loves Quinn, right? Right? [crickets]

Source: SWTOR
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Afro Thunder
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Afro Thunder

The only true player choice in the game is to cancel your sub or not.

Most everything else is a false facade of choice.


So, there’s going to need to be a ‘ultimate choice’ but in the end the decision cannot change much at all. The story will need to service both decisions and put them on equal footing going into the next story chapter, thereby negating any sort of real impact the decision will have. I love SWTOR, but I’ve long since given up hope that any meaningful changes will come through gameplay.


I played this game tons up until the introduction of CXP system. I have not touched it since, but I have watched the changes they have made to it and it has never been enough to make me want to return.

These little story patches are nice, but they are always extremely short. You can knock them out in 1-2 days and then its back to the same terrible endgame.

So you have to ask yourself the question. If you are only interested in the story bits. Is it worth it? Is it worth 16 bucks for a few hours of entertainment?

This title just seems like its on the decline more and more. It was never all that strong and the changes they make stink of desperation. As they try to suck the last few dollars out of a select group of players that won’t quit until the game goes under.

There is rampant speculation that a new Star Wars branded MMO is in the works, due to some of the job listings that have been posted recently.

Time will tell.

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depending on your choice you will join forces with former Companions Malavai Quinn or Elara Dorne.

So…the literally dozens of players who liked Quinn will pick him, and everyone else picks Dorne? : P


Quinn! I’ve been looking for you, you !#$!@$!

Fenryr Grey

Are people still buying into this whole “player choice” thing? The only true choice we had was to kill off Quinn (pre release) and now they use him to advertise “player choice”? The Irony. Before the fans jump on me: Yes I liked SWTOR classic, the small story changes in your personal story, but since quite some time now they just build loads of castles out of thin air that couldn’t hold up with the promises. Please forgive me my cynicism in this matter.

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Dark Trooper, release!