Greg Street discusses balancing League of Legends for all skill levels

How do you balance a video game? It’s kind of an ongoing question, but it’s also one that Greg Street (aka Ghostcrawler) has been answering for years with work on both World of Warcraft and League of Legends. He gave a panel on exactly that topic for League of Legends at this year’s GDC, and you can now watch that hour-long talk in the video just past the break. And it’s a worthwhile topic from the start because he’s talking about balancing not for the best players or the worst, but for everyone.

This is important; balancing for new and inexperienced players only produces a game that doesn’t have the depth needed for long-term play, while balancing solely for veterans creates a game that’s impenetrable for newcomers. So how do you make a game that’s fun for people getting into the genre for the first time as well as people who eat, sleep, jungle, and repeat? Check out the video below (courtesy of Gamasutra) for one possible answer.

Source: Gamasutra
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LoL isn’t balanced in any real way due to their attempts. There’s always at least a few stand out OP champs that rarely get addressed until Riot wants other champs to be in the spotlight. High elo can be a joke due to how broken some champs can be, and skill diminishes as being an important factor to success.

Riot ultimately balances to the casual majority, the 70%+ who are in Silver/Bronze. They don’t actually want or care about balancing for top end and having it trickle down. They’d rather just make the casual masses happy and screw over the high end players. Literally just taking WoW’s philosophy into LoL’s champion balance.


Nice, actually got to hang out with Greg on a 4-day GaCuCon Game Cruise. Really chill guy who appreciates the industry and gamers, also got to watch him play Quake against Fatal1ty, he was actually really good lol.


Sleep, eat, jungle, repeat. Lmao dude haven’t heard that in 12 years…

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Good video. Pretty much confirms things I’ve heard over the decades when it come to online gaming. I’ve always been fond of Greg Street, wish I played MOBAs.