American families are gaming together more than ever before

Just in case you have a friend who is still under the delusion that video games are a niche entertainment market, you might want to point them in the direction of this report from the Entertainment Software Association.

According to a new 2017 study, 65% of American households don’t merely play video games — but do so on a regular basis. A slightly higher percentage of households, 67%, own some sort of video game device (and 11% of households have a VR set). What’s up, you two-percenters?

While kids certainly make up some of the demographics here, it’s actually adults who are the majority of household gamers. The report said that the current average age of a gamer is 35 and that 72% of household gamers 18 years of age or older.

It’s certainly good to hear that gaming isn’t being treated as an isolated experience, as 67% of parents play video games with their kids at least once a week. A large majority of parents feel that video games have a positive impact on kids’ lives and use the ESRB rating system to evaluate game content.

Source: ESA
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6 Comments on "American families are gaming together more than ever before"

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Joe Seabreeze

Grandparents are hardcore gamers at this point. There were plenty of upper 20s, early 30s gamers in the mid 90s during the golden age of pc gaming.


I miss my old Sears Console…

Oyjord Hansen

I love playing PS4 couch co-op games with my 8 year old daughter. It’s quality bonding time. And yes, we do other things together, too.

Sadly, there are so few family-friendly couch co-op PS4 games. I can only play LEGO and Skylanders games so much before needing a change of pace.

Time to build a PC for my kid, I guess….

Melissa McDonald

consoles represented freedom from “put in another quarter” for a good long time now. That meant extended gameplay. That means family members get drawn in. It’s all good.

Jeff Risu Dailey

67% own a device and 65% play 3 or more hours a day.

Patreon Donor

I found this hard to believe so went to check, it does in fact say 3 or more hours a week, not day