Armored Warfare launches its Tanks Reloaded balance patch and previews its immediate followup

It’s been a while since Armored Warfare first discussed its upcoming “Balance 2.0” adjustments for the game’s mechanics, but the first pass has been added to the game with patch 0.19. The patch adjusts tank gameplay extensively while simultaneously adding 26 new tanks to play. But that’s not all the patch includes; there’s also a new PvP map, two new PvE missions, a new Skirmish mode, and a new Global Operations match. That’d be enough for a patch even without all of the balance changes.

Also, that isn’t the end of the story; the game is already previewing its next major update, which will include more balance changes, a new Garage interface, another new PvE mission, and new UI elements. So the big stuff just keeps rolling along. You can check out a trailer for the most recent patch just below, and you already know what to look forward to after you’ve finished up with that.

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5 Comments on "Armored Warfare launches its Tanks Reloaded balance patch and previews its immediate followup"

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Jeremiah Wagner

Would love to hear peoples thoughts. This game had basically no player base at all the last time i tried it.

Melissa McDonald

I was pretty sure that was a screencap of Bree in LOTRO…


Huh…I honestly thought this game was dead when they announced they were pulling it from Obsidian development. Might have to reinstall and give it another shot. Glad to see I was wrong.


I’ll have to jump in and check it out

Jim Keller