Neverwinter unpacks the art of listening to community feedback

Boy, it sucks how the developers never listen to your feedback, huh? What’s the deal with that? Well, Neverwinter is going to tell you exactly what the deal with that is with the latest official post talking about prioritizing feedback courtesy of producer Vincent Malley. The short answer is that there’s no strict rules about what should get highest priority, but issues preventing people from playing the game or supporting the game tend to be bumped to the front of the queue; balance issues take a backseat to the game bringing in no revenue or players not being able to log in and play.

From there, it’s a complex system of figuring out what the long-term impact for the issue is and how easy it is to fix; sometimes the developers see an issue as very real, but with very vague reports of a bug taking place they don’t know how to start fixing it. So it’s not that the developers aren’t listening to you; it’s that they’re listening to everyone and they’re changing what they can in a large sea of feedback. Of course, there is a companion sale going on right now, so you could always pick up a companion and complain to your favorite honey badger. The honey badger might not care, but he’ll listen.

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Indigo Salma

They milked the community while they could , now that the game community is getting lower by the month they start to worry about the game.

Bruno Brito

Ahhhh, what a bunch of crap.

I would agree if this was some of the studios i see putting effort in their game and how that game itself interacts with their playerbase. PWI? Pfffff. No.

There’s a severe lack of communication and plans within those companies, which results in yearlong powercreeps. Hell, even Anet is going through this right now, and their balance patches are a joke to solve the issue at their faces.

Robert Mann

Honey badger only cares when you didn’t complete the honey do list!

Loyal Patron

“The honey badger might not care, but he’ll listen.” Have a biscuit man, that cracked me up!

Kickstarter Donor

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