Shadow Priest-esque hero Seris is live in Paladins’ open beta

Paladins’ open beta update #48 went live yesterday, and with it arrived the champion teased for the last week and change. Her name is Seris, Oracle of the Abyss; Hi-Rez says she “plays unlike any other champion currently in the game and she really speaks to the fantasy art style” the studio is pursuing. That’s because she’s a bit of a hybrid shadow priest, with shadow damage and heals as well as a stealthy shift-phase and a super annoying (for enemies) crowd control move.

There are also a few new skins for existing characters (Alley Cat Maeve! Bomb King in what appears to be a blinged-out pimp costume!), plus tweaks to the co-op Cops and Robbers map and a bunch of requisite balance adjustments for other toons. Check out Seris’ vid below!

Source: Official site, press release
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2 Comments on "Shadow Priest-esque hero Seris is live in Paladins’ open beta"

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H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈

I love the designs in this game, even though it’s not for me, I’m glad to see them still going

Denice J. Cook

Cool! This game easily competes with Overwatch, and surpasses it in some ways. However, is this patch only for the PC version right now, with console gamers stuck waiting for it like usual? I’ve been avoiding PC versions of multiplayer games as of late because of all the hackers and aimbotters that proliferate in them….