You will go to the moon… in Skyforge

Skyforge opens its skies with a new patch today… yep, you’re going to the moon. The moon of Aelion, that is. It’s called Thea. Try not to screw this up.

“Prepare yourself for a trip to the uncharted territories of Thea, Aelion’s own moon – a place riddled with secrets and discoveries, not to mention undiscovered species and previously unnamed threats! Rest assured that this is no mere scientific expedition, it’s is a matter of planet-wide security, one that has thrown a wrench in the works – low gravity. Some may be able to turn this ‘hindrance’ into an advantage, though there is no advantage to be had by getting caught in a Thea meteorite shower!” hints that both the weather and enemy scavengers are all out to get you up there. If that sounds like a great weekend vacation, zip over to the Tacit Dunes and jet pack your way on up. What could go wrong?

And because I can.

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Robert Mann

Thea? There’s a nice game named that which doesn’t have the negative rep on PC! I’m not likely to go back to 3 person forge of oopsies anytime soon.

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Tobasco da Gama

But will there be wizards that come from there?


In case you’re blocked from watching the second video, like me. ;)

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Schlag Sweetleaf