Marvel Heroes lays out PC plans for 2017

Feeling a little neglected, Marvel Heroes PC players? Grumpy that Omega’s getting all of mom and dad’s attention? Gazillion has heard your grumbling, which is why Creative Director Jess Decker has apologized for communication lapses and laid out the team’s plans for the rest of 2017 — PC plans, not console plans.

May – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-themed costumes for Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, Gamora & Drax movie teamups, and an awesome movie-inspired Groot pet!
June – Anniversary gifts, a new danger room tileset with a new boss fight using an up-leveled version of an existing foe, and our usual over-the top Anniversary event.
July – A new Daily Bugle Terminal with a brand new boss fight (first as part of an event and then later turned on permanently)
Late July – Carnage playable; Carnage has been discussed as a potential playable for a long time. The design team is pretty excited about what they can do with his power set and the awesome visuals of Carnage turning his own body into weapons.
September – Apocalypse Terminal
November – Thor-related playable content, most likely a new terminal facing down the powerful Hela
Late November – Odinson (Unworthy Thor) playable. This incarnation of Thor has a full roster of new powers that change dynamically as he switches between weapons. It’s worth emphasizing that this is a new playable not a special costume.”

Decker further says that the Omega patch will eventually make its way back to PC, probably late this summer, but it won’t be a one-to-one mapping since Gazillion wants to “keep the two games similar but not exactly the same” — in other words, Gaz isn’t taking away trading or teamups from PC players in spite of the fact that console players don’t have access to those features.

“We are working daily to plan out exactly how each of these differences will be resolved and on what timeline,” he writes. “Our broad goals are to make the best choices we can for the cross-platform effort but not take away functionality from the PC that is already there.”

We’re streaming Marvel Heroes at 3 p.m. EDT today, so join in to talk about the game’s upcoming plans!

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13 Comments on "Marvel Heroes lays out PC plans for 2017"

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Carnage, and a second version of Thor, but no Hercules yet… for shame. How are we ever supposed to have the god squad?

Alex Hyer

They really should look into taking the “2016” off of the title.


I imagine they will once to implement the omega stuff, that way they can erase the negative reviews from their last big update after people have cooled/left.

Dug From The Earth

4 months into 2017 … “Maybe we should lay out our plans to the player base for the year?”

Nothing about Omega items? Meh… 2017 is gonna to be a pretty bland year for MH unless you are a console player who hasnt tried it on PC.

EDIT: missed it… Omega content scheduled sometime between June and Sept. Thats something to look forward to at least.


I gotta see the PS4 plans for 2017 as well before I commit to one platform or the other more :-D


All that sounds great and i’ve seen the new GoTG 2 costumes and Team Ups as they have already posted images of them and they look amazing. first post for anyone interested.

However Carnage as a playable I am not a fan of as that will be the first time they will have ever put out a villain who has NEVER good a good guy. Carnage and its host has always been a sociopathic serial killer. Villains who have been heroes make sense, villains who have not do not make sense.

Patreon Donor

During AXIS, many got their morality compasses inverted. So during that time he was doing good deeds and attempting to be a hero. That’s probably what their justification for the team-up and the playable is. Whether it should can be debated.

He was only good because of a magic spell. Once it ends, he tries to kill Nova at one point, with the reason of not wanting any memory of him doing good deeds existing.



As I said he has never been a good guy. The only “good” (and I use the term lightly) moment he has was as a result of the spell you point out so it does not constitute a choice as it did with Venom (whose symbiote was in fact ALWAYS intended to be good and was actually fixed in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics for Agent Venom), Magneto (who has turned good numerous times), Doctor Doom (same, been good numerous times) etc..

Cletus is literally a certifiable socipathic serial killer and the Carnage Symbiote is just plain evil through and through.

So to present him as playable when there is only one very tiny, very specific instance of him being “good” makes little sense and certainly no sense from the story perspectives.

Hell they would have had a far better case for arguing Sabretooth and that guy is a serial killing, mass murderer, child killing cannibal who has on occasion chosen to be good.


@NeoWolf I had bought into your statement yesterday

“However Carnage as a playable… will be the first time they will have ever put out a villain who has NEVER good a good guy.”

and then today I ask what about Ultron?? Not sure he ever was a “good guy” that I can remember and I’ve been reading Marvel since the late 70’s… hmmm


Well Ultron is a construct not a person so I don’t put him on the same level as the actual living villains and I was not a fan of Ultron being included either and had their not been a movie involving him I doubt he ever would have been,

Ultron has had “good” incarnations though a number of times (at least two I can think of) but only in alternate timelines, not the mainstream MCU where he has always been a villain with an oedipus complex.

With him being a robot A.I whose brain patterns are based on his creator Hank Pym who we all know was a good guy but also suffered from mental illness and during his incarnation as Yellow Jacket was also a wife beater.. hence why Ultron was not “stable” and developed his “daddy issues” but he does feasibly have the same potential for good as Hank did.

Kurt Shadle

I was kinda hoping to see something that would help draw me back to the game but sadly I’m not overly impressed with that list. Have barley played since the big update and every time I try it doesn’t last long.

Joshua Dickerson

I am the same but I think its just he nature of the game. Plus now Marvel Movies are feeling a bit “standard” now so the rose colored glasses on the franchise seem to be cooling down. At least for me

Steve P

I feel the same.