Champions Online’s new sale is a wink and a nod to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel Heroes isn’t the only MMO taking advantage of the launch of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend. Or maybe it’s May the Fourth that’s got Champions Online agog. I’m going with the former this time based on the look and the tease:

“Guardians! Your galaxy needs you! Having the right gear will ensure neither you, nor your favorite worlds, go boom. Get them now at 20% off! Dress the part, or get powered up. (Soundtracks sold separately!)”

There are plenty of sci-fi flavored costume parts and powers on sale through May 11th, plus Cryptic and PWE are running the Nightmare Invasion event, a Hideouts sale, and a sale on… ghost hair?

DC Universe Online, you’re next, right?

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way to leech PWE I would laugh if Marvel decided to sue you.


Marvel already did back when Cryptic launched “City of Heroes”. The lawsuit was settled – and in 2007 (10 years ago) Marvel and Microsoft enlisted Cryptic to create “Marvel Universe Online”. MS backed out of the deal however when the asked Cryptic a question and Cryptic gave an honest answer:

MS; “So, Marvel Universe will beat World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers soon after it launches, right?”

Cryptic: “No. WoW is pretty much an industry outlier in regards to subs.”

MS: “Then why are we bothering? MS doesn’t back projects unless they will be industry leaders. Goodbye.

But, what was Marvel Universe Online became Champions Online after Cryptic managed to talk Atari (well, Infogames in France who bought the ‘Atari’ name and figured it had better recognition.) Of course Infogames wasn’t a real MMO company, and didn’t understand WHY once an MMO was launched you needed to add/continue new content patches – so they sold Cryptic off to PWE in an attempt to get creditors off their back and avoid bankruptcy (CO and STO were the only real revenue generation streams Infogames had, and they kept them solvent for two years.)

Bottom Line: Doubtful Marvel will sue unless Cryptic actually used a trademarked Marvel character directly. (Oh, and the Champions Universe has been around in game foirm since 1981.)