Listen to these brand-new Guild Wars 2 and EVE Online music tracks

An odd but interesting connection between Guild Wars 2 and EVE Online is that both games use Soundcloud extensively to post their soundtrack pieces as each MMO continues to develop. Seriously, there are so many tunes for both games on that site, that if you wanted to spend an afternoon awash in great tunes, you certainly could.

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point you to several brand-new tracks for these games that released this week. Starting with EVE Online, check out the MMO’s newest theme song, “The Luminous Eye:”

With this past week’s Flashpoint episode release, Guild Wars 2 added a trio of new tracks for its Living World season three soundtrack (you’ll need to scroll down on the list):

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EVE music has such hold over my emotional state. In an instant, it can transport me hundreds of years into the future with a vision of what interstellar life would look like. It’s absolutely perfect for EVE’s setting, and every time i randomly hear a track, my kneejerk reaction is to resub..


Those GW2 tracks are amazing!

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GW2: It’s amazing the difference it makes from hearing these tracks in-game at a low volume to taking the time to listen to them on their own.

The raiding tracks caught me by surprise. I don’t raid so I never heard them before. They’re intense. I really like them.

Malcolm Swoboda

I’m like the opposite of the people who turn off the music in order to listen to their own playlist. I turn down sound effects and turn up the music :).

Malcolm Swoboda

I like GW2’s update’s tracks more than the base game.