PSA: Last day to log in for a free Baby Groot in Marvel Heroes

If you’re reading this on Sunday, and you care at all about Marvel Heroes, make sure you log in today to grab your freebie Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 promotion. Just logging in pops it into your inventory. Sure, it won’t make up for Omega or an anemic PC year, but hey, free stuff.

Source: Twitter
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Malcolm Swoboda



I logged in for the pet, but found myself running around in circles, spending way to much time trying to go through my inventory to clean everything up and just…clicking. It feels like an endless clicker game at this point.


MH needs to become something more to draw me back. The game lacks essentially in customization, an issue longstanding but made worse by its big update to make it simpler for consoles.

Now there just doesn’t seem to be much reason to progress except for the sheer joy on seeing numbers go up. (Which hey, the key foundation to most games.) Its why I played Diablo II for 8 years and Diablo III for a few months. I want more customizations on builds and I want my build choices to matter. I want there to be a handful of X hero, and each of them having built a unique way and each still being perfectly viable instead of the paint by numbers bullshit that Blizzard (with Diablo III) and now Gazillion are feeding us.

Jeremiah Wagner

Log in , collect free crap , log out. Don’t log in for 3 more months when there is more free crap. Thats how me and my wife play MH.


Sorry but Baby Groot can’t save this game.


Kind of torn on Marvel Heroes. Now I’ve got a machine that should be able to run it smoothly compared to my old laptop, but the game was mostly just a hero grinder. Tbh if I ever go back to a Diablo-esque game it’d be Path of Exile at this point.

Pedge Jameson

What is with the constant bribery of mini’s to keep an mmo’s traffic up? Mini’s are becoming a serious bad joke.

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ooh cool YOINK! Thank you for the heads up. Though at the moment I have no desire to play MH I may at some point in the future and doing so with a baby Groot will be nice.