Ruin of the Reckless is a ‘punishing’ multiplayer dungeon crawler

Fast, furious, and oh-so-deadly: This is the approach that Ruin of the Reckless enjoys and is not ashamed to deliver to players.

Launched late last month on both Steam and GOG, Ruin of the Reckless is a single- or multiplayer dungeon crawler that marries frenetic gameplay to roguelike mechanics. So you’re going to run around like a maniac, die a lot, and come back for another helping.

There’s a lot of customization in how you approach each of your runs up the dark tower depending on your gear acquisition and choices. And even though death means starting over, there is some progression in Ruin of the Reckless that carries over, such as its card system.

Check out the game’s trailer below!

Source: Steam, GOG
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Melissa McDonald

um, yeah, Punishing is just the word that came to mind seeing those graphics… not!