Final Fantasy XIV unveils new plans to reduce server congestion for the biggest servers

After a lengthy maintenance to facilitate the North American data center relocation, Final Fantasy XIV is back online and ready to play once more. Unfortunately, if you were planning to make your first post-maintenance activity a quick server transfer to Gilgamesh, you’re out of luck. The development team is making changes to facilitate the fact that certain servers (Gilgamesh, Balmung, Bahamut, Chocobo, Shinryu, and Mandragora) are heavily congested now in the hopes that those servers may be slightly less crowded for Stormblood’s release.

Character creation on the listed servers is disabled for the time being, as are server transfers to the affected servers. In addition, the total amount of gil which can be brought across servers has been upped significantly to 10 million gil on a character and up to 5 million gil per retainer. The EU data center will also be adding additional servers after the expansion launch, with special incentives to encourage transfer and leveling on the new servers. Plans are in motion to also facilitate transfers with plots of land so that moving servers need not mean relinquishing your house.

I suggested just deleting the lalafell, but no one listened to me.At a glance, this seems like a major change, but in practical terms it’s a fairly minor one simply because players have had to live without creating characters on several of these servers for quite some time now. Character creation on Balmung, for example, has been entirely impossible since the launch of Heavensward; formally announcing that it’s not being reopened just removes the urge to occasionally check if people might have stepped away for a while. The server is beyond full.

Server transfers to Balmung have long been the workaround for players who want to get onto the unofficial roleplaying server, and the more cynical members of the playerbase have speculated that the state of affairs was tacitly encouraged by Square-Enix to improve revenue. Obviously, that’s not the case.

In other words, today you cannot make a character on Balmung. A week ago, you could not make a character on Balmung. All that’s really changed is that the loopholes have been closed.

The problem here is that the company has a dearth of options short of forcibly moving people. EU players need some incentive for the new servers because those will be getting added with the expansion, but on the NA servers, the hope is simply that not having a huge queue and no available housing plots will be enough incentive. Right now, there’s an overwhelming majority of players on two servers, and while it speaks to how popular the game’s roleplaying community is that it has one of those servers, there’s no need for more servers, just a need for people to move around a bit.

It’s not a perfect solution, of course, but it’s the first step toward a larger solution.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Austin for the tip!
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I actually tried to play this game twice on two different trial accounts. However, each time I was unable to join the server that friends and family played on. So I refused to pay for it and continue playing after the trial ended. There is something to be said for other games and their megaserver technology.


It’s a bit confusing on the wording, but the incentives – the free transfer to, the increased experience gain to 60, the bonus gil and game time, and the system for refunding the costs of homes and moving FCs?

That will be present in the NA as well.

“Moreover, players who to transfer to or create new characters on designated Worlds across all data centers will receive special bonuses as described below.” – emphasis mine.

There will be “New worlds” for the EU and “Designated worlds” for NA and Japan, and those servers will have the same free transfer to and bonuses as the new worlds created in the EU.


Guess you’re just screwed on trying to have a friend play with you if you’re on one of those servers. Sure you can then xfer to a low pop to play with the friend but then need to abandon any friends and free company. It’s honestly a pretty bad solution.


Should have been “screwed” in that regard long ago – people have been using a loophole to get on the server for a long time now.

That being said, with the incentives being in the NA region as well, as well as the system to relocate FCs eventually coming, maybe enough FCs will decide to leave as a group to get the way out of control population back under some semblance of control.


Make some servers in each region an official RP server. I know that’s why I moved to Balmung back on ARR launch and why most of my friends are there.