Marvel Heroes Omega soft launches on PS4 next week, Xbox One June 20

Comic book adventure is coming to consoles next week. The reworked, revamped, and renamed Marvel Heroes Omega is kicking off its console open beta test on May 23rd.

Starting next Tuesday, PlayStation 4 players can check out the streamlined superhero MMO for free. If that’s not soon enough for you, you can always buy a founder’s pack and get into early access this Friday, May 19th. So what’s the big deal about open beta? As there will be no wipe following the start of this phase, all progression will be carried over into launch. In other words, think of it as a soft launch.

Xbox One players are still waiting to hear about when they might be invited to the party. PS4 players, try not to gloat. Updated below!

Source: Twitter
Update: Well looky here, Xbox One dates — and this appears to be a real launch:

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4 Comments on "Marvel Heroes Omega soft launches on PS4 next week, Xbox One June 20"

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Press Start

Most of the marvel fans would become excited to finally have the chance to try out ” Marvel heroes” on the consoles like PS4 XBOX. Now a days many gamers are moving towards consoles like the Playstation and Xbox from PC as there are many subscriptions available like one can shop online Acheter Xbox gift card 50 euros from sites like Press-start, CD keys etc. The game plays very similar to a game like Diablo, but obviously with superheroes.

Dwayne Bunkley

Is it easier to port games to the PS4 or something? I feel like XB1 often gets the shaft when it comes to F2P games being ported to all console plats.

Denice J. Cook

Maybe it’s just that Sony is offering better money for firsts and exclusives. After all, who’d have thought Destiny (Bungie?!) and Call of Duty would give all their exclusives to Playstation 4 multiple years in a row now?

Kickstarter Donor

Didn’t we agree on the term Flaccid Launch?