ArcheAge’s June 7 Erenor Eternal expansion has something for every playstyle

A fresh expansion is on the way for ArcheAge, Trion announced this afternoon. It’s called Erenor Eternal, and you’ll be downloading it in all its 3.5 glory on June 7th.

The expansion seems to deserve the label, as it’ll add three new ocean-themed zones – Whaleswell Strait, Aegis Island, and Whalesong Harbor – with their concomitant quests and leveling hubs, plus a new housing province and a revamp for the game’s trading system.

Endgame achiever and crafter types can expect to grind their way up the new Ancestral skillset, work through a newly RNG-free equipment crafting advancement system, and push through the overhailed regrade mechanics.

And there’s something for the PvPers too: a pair of open-world battlegrounds. “Possessing a unique PvE focus, players will hold off waves of enemies with not just their skills, but mines and heavy artillery as well,” Trion says. “Upon completion of either tower, players will be rewarded with Honor and materials used to craft the new Erenor-tier equipment.”

Source: Press release
Update: There’s a new producer’s letter up now too. “It’s also important to mention that we won’t be merging or evolving servers with this content release,” Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai notes.
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Shiro Madoushi

Trion just introduced a new premium “subscription” for credits as a show of good faith leading up to Erenor Eternal’s launch. For the low cost of $40 every two weeks you can get some credits and earn special rewards every 3rd time you renew.

They never cease to amaze me.

Edit: They accidentally gave the key you get from subscribing 3 times away for free and had to shut down the servers. Rollbacks in progress I guess.


Trion always have ways to milk their players out tillthe last drop.

Only people playing this game now are whales, carebears and hardcore potato farmers who never leave their farm.

I remember it as yesterday….No Tricks No Traps……the famous words everyone believed in from Scapegoat.

Boy how wrong we were.

Joshua Dickerson

Mess ups? Roll backs?

Sounds like Trion is still holding their reputation strong.

Shiro Madoushi

Almost 4 hours of downtime now. The latest update seems to indicate that they are manually purging any free keys or items that people might have received.

Joshua Dickerson

Hopefully they fix that. I remember the maintenance from Fresh Start but that was mostly issues with login servers and being dropped from 2 hour login ques.


Alas. If the game had remained what it was at Alpha I would still be playing. Sounds odd doesn’t it? But, very true.

So, from what i’m reading the update sounds good. Removed rng from crafting new equipment? New regrade??? Hmm. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Power to those still playing.

Shiro Madoushi

What you have to understand is that they added a new top tier with a new regrading system. Yes they reduced the regrade cost on some of the lower tier items, but the new Erernor gear requires that you sacrifice dozens of regraded items of previous tiers to increase it’s grade.

Lets say you have a shiny erenor sword that is celestial grade and you want to get it to divine grade. The method of doing this is by taking a certain number of swords and sacrificing them to your erenor weapon. I dont know the exact number, but lets say it takes 25 celestial delphinad shortspears to get your erenor weapon to divine grade. That’s 25 weapons you have to regrade to celestial. It’s even worse when you consider they added a new top grade above mythic.


Yeah, that sounds like the AA I know.

Shiro Madoushi

Added layers of pay to win and less gold earned for the non-whale unpaid gold farmers (average players) via trading. This is the perfect storm of greed. Eyes are flashing green at Trino as they polish their Credit Card processing servers in anticipation.


I tried the game 3 times.

Alpha best time i ever spent in this game, launch Dahuta server.

The opening of the 1st new server post launch named Rangora.

The opening of again a new server named Prophecy.

Everytime i had high hopes and dreams and everytime they got shattered by the cancer that is invested in this game named Pay To Win.

You cannot keep up…..unless you play 5 to 10 accounts and make AA a second job or have a tigh group of friends who can play everyday for multiple hours to max out your income per labor and time spent.

And even then……you get molested like a turd :P

What a great game this could have been and how awfully XLGames and Trion murdered this mmo.

All servers are dead / close to empty or 1 server at High where people tranfered to but always 1 guild dominating the entire server and all the loot and gold and events.

Its disgusting to witness how 1 guild accepts all the whales and top dog players and ruin the whole endgame and controls a whole server.

If this was done on a even level playing field this mmo would have been the best mmo out there hands down.
But with a no gear cap gear progression it just completely sucks every achievement and sense of pride out of the game.

Damn i am still pissed to think about AA and how it could have been :)

Ashes of Creation seems to know exactly what we need as mmo players and so Trion and XLGames can kiss my ass and suck on my middle finger.