Worlds Adrift offers an update on the next batch of Founder’s Packs

There’s a strange allure to something you want but can’t have. There’s testing available right now in Worlds Adrift, and the developers are happily tweeting out the coolest creations coming from players in the game, but the number of keys for entry to the game are limited. The latest post from the developers explains why the holdup is in place, and it comes down to a matter of making sure that new players log in to the best possible experience.

Development is focused on both fixing bugs and determining how players disperse to assure that new players will come in to a positive and engaging experience. The current plan is to release another batch of Founder’s Packs on the week of June 12th, but the plans aren’t yet locked in stone. So you should keep your eyes peeled for soon if you want into the game, but you should also feel slightly mollified by the effort being taken to make sure you’ll log in to fun.

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Oyjord Hansen

I only looked at their website for a few minutes, but I still have no clue what you actually do in the game. Just explore and build? Any quests, leveling, combat…any traditional RPG elements at all?


It’s largely a free-for-all PVP survival sandbox. As I understand it, they’ve taken steps to reduce the gankboxiness of it considerably, and beefed up the PVE elements too, so it does play a bit more like an MMORPG.

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What I really like most about this game is that I have spontaneous, unscripted adventures all the time. Most of them not even PvP related. I meet people, we travel together for a time, maybe work towards some goal briefly, then we part ways. Maybe to meet again, maybe not.

The game does require a lot of patience right now. It is very much still a work in progress. I die multiple times each play session from bugs, glitches, and lag. For all that though, I am having a great time playing this game.

Screenshots from some of my travels and adventures so far:

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Lights and Music

Will purchase at launch (but not before)


will say it again, this team of devs are fantastic people and what i saw in alpha was really good. wish i could play but alas fear of heights as said before. lol.