The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG most deserves a sequel?

I was writing a post earlier this week with a pair of screenshots labeled sequentially — “eso1.jpg” and “eso2.jpg” — which mentally startled me because, you know, Elder Scrolls Online II doesn’t exist. And it struck me that out of the core AAA MMORPGs — and even the big up-and-coming crowdfunded indies — only a tiny handful are sequels. Maybe more importantly, none of the major MMOs right now has given any hint that a sequel might be incoming, which you might consider a sobering thought or a relief that studios are leaning toward supporting what they’ve got instead of splitting their playerbases.

Put aside what’s been rumored (or not rumored) and tell us: Which MMORPG do you think deserves a sequel?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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138 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG most deserves a sequel?"

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There are 3 I’d love to see again in updated engines, UI and other goodies:
Meridian 59,
Fallen Earth.

I feel like Vanguard’s diplomacy minigame remains utterly unique to the genre, and Fallen Earth has what continues to be my favorite crafting system.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

Of course I’m going to say Asheron’s Call, but lemme throw ya’ll a curve ball: Horizons/Istaria! It was a fun PvE sandbox at launch with an above average crafting system, good economy, player events, live GMs, server-wide unlockable content, flying dragons as a playable race if you’re into that… it just had boring combat. A second round might be nice.

Kickstarter Donor

Wish that Phantasy Star Online 2 would come west/ to current consoles. Many good memories of the first on the Dreamcast.

Malcolm Swoboda

Not that I have trust in Trion for it, or that I think it is where it should be to be ‘done’ yet (I think there’s at least a couple expansions that could go), but part of me wants a RIFT 2. Aside from its disjointed and too silly elements, I think RIFT has a significantly better identity now/recently than originally. Again, still stitched together from other stuff and still with seriousness out the window, but its something.

TSW Season 2 go. (same game tho)

GW3 can happen after dragons are dealt with, and that’s years away but hopefully its something in plans.

I might love a SW MMO that keeps a narrative importance AND incorporates user-friendly sandbox importance.

Something multiplayer and new Warcraft can happen some day and I’d be open to hearing about it.

Aion 2 if it kept a lot of recap of the previous Aion, as well as nostalgic soundtracks etc included in it. I’ll never get into Aion but it keeps having parts that make me wish I would be able to bear it.

As it is, I have no big call to have a direct MMORPG sequel, but some are close, others are within sight (2020s).

Zen Dadaist

Now Anarchy Online is confirmed on maintenence mode and will no longer be getting any attention from FC (check out the current crop of exploits running rampant if you need proof), for the first time I’ll actually say I want to see an AO2.

I’d always have preferred to keep AO1 but with more development instead of going for a sequel. But now, well, here we are. Except it won’t ever happen. Not even a CE or SWL type clone (not that either of those two would itnerest me).

Kickstarter Donor

FFXI, GW1, Lineage 1 and 2, EQ, Vanguard, SWG, CoX, tabula rasa

Melissa McDonald

EverQuest (standing on hillside playing “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes and wiping away tears)


Warhammer Online please


Warhammer Online


I want something totaly new instead of the same old same old :P

A completly new IP with a living breathing world without pay to win and generic contend.

A mix between WoW / Archeage / GW2 / Eve Online with the best features of these mmo’s combined all stuffed into a brand new epic engine.

Maybe one day…..

Ken from Chicago

If we’re going for something totally new instead of the same old same old, how about an mmo that’s NOT the bazillionth fantasy-based one?

A western MMO set in South America or Australia or Canada?

A far future where minds are uploaded to a digital cloud allowing you to inhabit virtual worlds of your own making or sharing it with others or interact with meatspace using drones that can be sent across the galaxy to explain the digital network into deep space?

An alternate history MMO where 90% of Native American nations were not wiped out by a massive plague, so they had the numbers to prevent Europeans from taking over but lead to a more integrated settling amongst the various competing nations?

Maybe instead of western colonization being the major arc, but building of a transcontinental railroad where competing local nations supported it as means of great wealth, travel and independence while others would oppose it as a potential threat?

Or maybe a Roman mmo about the building of the Appian Way, the Roman road system that spanned across the Roman Empire.

Or a not so far future where Earth is devastated by pollution, radiation, warfare, so (almost) of the survivors flee on generation starships to a new star system with multiple words that they’ve terraformed to varying degrees. The center worlds being the easiest or most Earth-like and thus gaining most of the survivors with some colonizing on outer worlds with harsher realms but greater freedom. Naturally, for the sake of order, the inner worlds with great population, wealth and tech would seek to … unify … the system causing conflict from the outer worlds that want independence leading to some kind of … unification war … where you could pick a side, or being among those supplying either side or among those who want no part of the conflict and only want … serenity.


A low-G world like Larry Niven’s Smoke Ring would be super cool, I’ve a soft spot for lost colony stories, and on that note, a steampunk/AG universe set up like the anime series Last Exile, or the graphic novel Keepers of the Maser would make me giddy!