Final Fantasy XIV opens up a new world to handle Stormblood influx

With the swelling of excitement over this week’s early access start to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the studio is taking all precautions to handle what it anticipates to be a crush of existing, new, and returning players.

For starters, Square Enix has opened up a brand-new world, Omega, on the Chaos data center. Players won’t be allowed to transfer off of this server for 90 days after creating their characters, although there are incentives (such as the waiving of the fee and a gift of chocobo feathers) for those who want to immigrate onto the world. Transferred characters will also receive reimbursement for their personal housing (if any is owned).

Additional incentives for creating characters on Omega will go into place until the population rises high enough. These include double XP until level 60, 10 silver chocobo feathers, a million gil, and 15 days of free play time. The last two rewards are given only to characters that reach level 30 in a class during this bonus period.

There are also lesser incentives being given to those who roll or transfer characters on a “designated” world with a reduced population.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV. Cheers, Kythas!
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3 Comments on "Final Fantasy XIV opens up a new world to handle Stormblood influx"

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Wolf Ederis

Know ths is late but anyone who hasnt transferred and thinking about moving to Omega or another new one now called Louisoix. Just know that the older worlds are now less congested with a shorter log in wait. On these two new worlds players wait anywhere from 10mins to an hour just to log in

Sushi Maru

So only on the EU data center? No new server for NA? Guess not

Christopher Allcock

15 days free if I get a character to 30 (well a 13/14 days extra as it’ll take a few days to do)? SE you spoil us!

The question is this ‘limit’ they want to reach, it’ll be convenient for them if the population is ‘high enough’ after the first handful of people reach 30, leaving the other 1000+ to lose out. It’s very vage so I doubt if many actually get fully rewarded for the effort