Wurm Online discusses upcoming changes to creature behavior

The animals in Wurm Online aren’t just there to be captured and/or killed by players. They’re meant to act in a plausible manner, avoiding players and looking for food, until players hunt and/or capture them. But as the latest development dispatch explains, some of that code is causing problem by giving animals small points of heavy clustering while restricting movement in other ways.

Essentially, as animals avoid settlements, it was possible for large groups of animals to wind up concentrated in very small spaces away from where players would encounter them. The game’s approach to pathing could also lead to certain animals being unable to move outside of a small corner of a pen, which is also undesirable. New systems will be rolling out to ensure that animals are more willing to spread out and able to path more naturally when confined; you can read about all of the technical details in the full entry.

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This sort of reminds me of falling through the game world in a game and seeing tons of creatures that were supposed to be up in the world down under there in the infinite pit below the game world with me. I can’t quite remember what game it was at the moment though.

Melissa McDonald

I remember a long time ago playing a dinosaur hunting game called Carnivores. They were wily and you had to worry about typical hunting things like staying quiet, staying downwind, not revealing yourself. They were easily spooked and would run away if you blundered and you had to start tracking them again. Wouldn’t mind seeing those features in modern games.