Dark Age of Camelot prepares new Mithril currency shop

What’s going on over in Dark Age of Camelot land? For that you’ll have to turn to the latest Q&A grab bag with the developers. Among the topics discussed, the devs gave some word about the next patch for the game — and something special that’s coming with it.

“We have a 1.123B version coming very soon to Pendragon that will have additional class changes to several classes that didn’t make it into the 1.123A notes AND tweaks to several of the changes made in 1.123A based on your feedback,” the team said. “Additionally, and the reason for the wait thus far, is that we are also introducing the new Mithril currency and shop. We were able to squeeze in an armor, cloak, and weapon ‘patterning’ system that will allow characters to copy the look of their existing items onto their other items (with some restrictions)!”

The team also fielded questions about resource crate changes, the myth physical defense stat, and scaling the UI to higher resolution monitors.

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Pay to re-skin characters?!? That’s awesome for the 15 people still playing the game. I’ll definitely have to re-sub all 3 of my accounts @ $45/month for the opportunity to pay for these features. They sound amazing. Keep up the good work!


Well that solves pick pocketing issues. My coins would be directly linked into my armor.

Melissa McDonald

did Tolkien Enterprises/Saul Zaentz never trademark the word “mithril”??

Mark Jacobs

Nope, they sure did, lots of times but all of the filings were after Dark Age of Camelot and lots of other games came out. They would have a difficult time enforcing it against old games like that or books, etc. Plus, if TM litigation happened, the TM itself could be at risk. They pretty much shotgunned and also abandoned a bunch of their attempts in the past to fence off the word.

TESS, learn it, love it! :) Here’s a link:


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Jack Pipsam

RuneScape had mithril as a resource back when I played in like 2007/8, so I assumed that anyone could use it.


Mithril in RuneScape dates back to 2001, while it goes back even further in Final Fantasy and similar fantasy games. The Tolkein estate pretty much lost any hold on this name long ago.