Marvel Heroes cuts console storage cost but denies refunds

Here’s an interesting good news/bad news situation for Marvel Heroes Omega console players. Gazillion announced that it is permanently cutting the prices in half for both starter inventory and starter storage upgrades on its console versions.

Sounds pretty great, right? The only problem is that if players had already paid full price for these upgrades, they won’t be refunded the difference. The studio was quick to confirm that this was indeed the case: “Sorry but we are not issuing refunds or price protection at this time.”

Marvel Heroes Omega is scheduled to launch on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 30th.

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16 Comments on "Marvel Heroes cuts console storage cost but denies refunds"

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Sally Bowls

They are not legally entitled to refund anything. OTOH, I can not conceive of ever giving them money again.

I sense a “Marvel Hereos 2018 – now with new review ratings” product name forthcoming.

Oyjord Hansen

I don’t expect a refund, but they should still offer a little in compensation, just to be on the right side of the ethical line. Their refusal to do so is perfect legal and of course their decision to make, but I now know a bit better the people with whom I’m doing business, and they’ve now received my last dollar because of this.


Not that anyone has a right to be upset, but they could have kept a lot of goodwill by handing out some small freebee from the store instead of refunds. It wouldn’t cost them a thing.


Is there some sort of ‘outrage’? If so, (IMO) it’s misguided.

If you miss a sale or a price cut on an item, you usually can’t go back to the store and say – “Hey, I want it at the price you’re selling what I bought days ago at the lower price you have today.”

Why would anyone expect it to be different here?


Many US stores have pricing guarantees. The window is usually 14-30 days.

One example:

Best Buy (15 days)

From the Best Buy website, “If we lower our price during the return and exchange period (15 days), we will match our lower price, upon request.”
Just keep your receipt and head back to the store to get the lower price.
For online purchases, call them at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) and request your price adjustment.


Generally when you have a cash shop open during beta, one that you admit isn’t finalized and may result in price changes, you favor the trust of your customers and compensate them. This isn’t a store having a sale, it’s a developer making a change based off of customer feedback and admitting that the initial prices were too high. You don’t expect the customers to foot the bill for your lack of experience in the console market on something so easily reimbursed as a few hundred G’s to whoever bought inventory expansion prior to a certain point which will just be spent on you again anyway.

Also your analogy doesn’t hold up because most (not all but most) stores will reumburse you if something goes on sale (not clearance) within a few days or a week or two after you bought it at full price, so that isn’t true either.

Kickstarter Donor

no not misguided because they used to have such a policy.

A Dad Supreme

” Gazillion announced that it is permanently cutting the prices in half for both starter inventory and starter storage upgrades on its console versions.”
Not sure how anyone didn’t see this coming. Usually in betas, prices either a) go down or b) remain the same.

Anyone buying merchandise before an actual launch really needs to learn how to wait out the companies. These people who can’t wait to run and go buy inventory space or other things they nickel and dime you for in these cash shops are the main part of the problem.

If everyone waited, prices would drop every single time before a game says it will close down before adjusting. It’s usually just those damn ‘early adopters’ that blow it for the masses.


Prices change. They go up and they go down. *shrug* Unless there is a price protection plan which usually only applies to appliances/electronics and it is for a limited amount of time, this is par for the course.

So, what’s all the hub-bub? Oh wait, is this an early access thing? Paid full price during early access and at launch the price is cut in half? Lol! Well, sorry. There is only one person to blame even in that case. Hold two thumbs up and point them back toward you.


Expected kerfuffle is expected. Always going to be someone out there to complain and/or feel entitled.


Not sure why anyone would reasonably expect to always be refunded to whatever the lowest price of an item might ever be.

Should they also charge you more automatically if they raise the price?

Kickstarter Donor

Didn’t Marvel Heroes used to offer a price protection thing on any store purchase, i.e. if you purchased something and the price discounted within seven days they would refund the difference no questions asked.

Though now that I think about it that might have just been for the store credits rather than items purchases. Oh well /shrugs


I think you’re right, because I vaguely remember taking advantage of that during the time I played. I think it was for credits. /doubleshrug

Loyal Patron
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They did because I remember talking to their customer service a few years ago about that.


I assume they did this because no one was buying them – so who cares about worldwide multi-industry standard practices really?


This is fairly standard in most retail places. Only a handful of the really big ones will issue refunds, and only if it’s within x amount of date of discount start.