Global Chat: Want to see a Magic trick?

So what does the blogging community think of the first IP-related new MMORPG to be announced in years in Magic: The Gathering? It’s a little more confused than enthusiastic, to tell the truth.

“To me, this announcement is somewhat similar to announcing that they are making an MMORPG out of Poker. Um …. okay?” said Endgame Viable.

“I suspect there are other sets that are more popular or more likely to be chosen as the main basis for the game,” writes Gaming SF, “if Cryptic’s more recent releases for the Neverwinter game are anything to go by then this new MMORPG is likely to feature content that ties into upcoming MtG cardsets to cross-promote both the cards and the game among fans.”

Let’s move on for the moment and look at dueling expansions, Kickstarter issues, and adventuring underwater!

We do so love the fighting.

Aywren Sojourner: FFXIV: Stormblood — falling in love

“I haven’t really spent that much time learning Bard, however, because Red Mage has consumed me. I honestly want to play nothing else right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a draw to a job in an MMO the way I am feeling towards Red Mage. I was hesitant to be too hyped for it at first because I didn’t know how the job was going to feel. But I’ve always loved the idea behind a hybrid caster who uses a cool fencing sword and has an awesome hat.” Morrowind (ESO)

ESO is still at it’s finest with letting you just travel around and stumble upon quests. It feels more organic and I have been busy just doing stuff here and there and it doesn’t feel forced. Sneaking around cities snatching up stolen goodies is still good fun, I find myself running away from guards all too often. Can’t catch me!”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Underwater adventures

“I feel like I have always been a bit weird when it comes to MMOs.  I like underwater content… pending I don’t have to care about breathing.  I took the Vashjir path in World of Warcraft and I enjoyed for the most part the underwater sections of the Nightmare Tide expansion in RIFT.  So it is little surprise that I am really enjoying the underwater sections of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.”

Having power over time would have prevented this.

MMO Bro: Six ways WoW still can’t be beat

“Blizzard’s focus has long been on high-end PvE content like dungeons and raids. Sometimes this focus can cost other sections of the game, but it has allowed their instanced PvE to surpass every other game on the market in pretty much every way. When it comes to quality, Blizzard can’t be beat. After years of experimentation, they’ve achieved a strong formula for endgame design.”

Twenty20Sight: My disappointments are Legion

WoW is my sentimental favorite, but Overwatch has superseded it as my current favorite and obsession, by a long shot. And in many ways, it breaks my heart, because the core of this game for me, besides the lore, is the friendships it always fostered and the time spent enjoying the game with those friends. Lately, that has been largely non-existent because those friends are just as disillusioned as I am with things, and are therefore not logging in the same ways we all used to: to sit for hours and play together.”

Errant Penman: The funding trials of Kickstarter MMOs

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“To me, this announcement is somewhat similar to announcing that they are making an MMORPG out of Poker. Um …. okay?” said Endgame Viable.

I’m a bit confused as to how Endgame Viable thinks this is in any way related to making a MMORPG out of a poker. Magic has its own canon and universe. I mean, how is this any different from making a MMO from an RTS? The biggest MMO in the world did that. Just saying.

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anyone who thinks cryptic’s mtg game will resemble the actual card game or past video games is either unfamiliar with cryptic’s MO or straight up fooling themselves.

it’s the frutrating thing about habro wotc with their video game licensing in particular the last 10 years. they’ve done nothing but squander their IPs in teh digital space, with the exception of partnering with roll20 and other such services.