Destiny 2’s staggered beta begins rolling out on July 18th

Destiny 2 fans, open beta is coming, and that means your chance to ruin all the surprises for yourself is just around the corner too! This week, Bungie announced a July 18th open beta launch date for preorder PS4 players; it’s July 19th for Xbox One folks. Non-preorderin’ plebes will wait until July 21st at the earliest, while those of us on PC, welp we kick back and wait until August. Beta-haters, we’ll see you at launch come September 6th (or October 24th for PC).

Most of what’s actually in the beta won’t come as a shock since it’s been shown in videos already. Expect the opening mission and cinematics, a new mode for Crucible, The Inverted Spire Vex stronghold, matchmaking, grouping, and the new subclasses: “The new fighting style for each Class will be at the ready. Choose from the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan.” There’s a stress test on July 23rd if you’re inclined to go help break the server.

Clan support and character progression won’t be in their final states, and of course, “Nothing we do in the Beta will carry over to the final version of the game on September 6” — except for your beta emblem.

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“Destiny 2 fans, open beta is coming”

“while those of us on PC, welp we kick back and wait until August”


I hope this game fails miserably on PC (even if I know it probably won’t) for the bullshit they’ve pulled about the staggered release and the 2 months delay crap. That’s one game I was super excited about and now all I am feeling is bitterness, so I won’t be buying this game and will wait for a game from a studio that actually gives a damn about PC players.


wow you sound like a tough person to please, lol. i don’t know why anyone would have an issue with them taking a bit longer to release to PC if it means it’ll come with it’s own set of support and care. they’re already enabling more features on it than the consoles have anyway


because those features are already in the game and ready. I’m not hard to please, I just don’t appreciate the shitty tactics of delaying the PC version so that many people are buying the game twice, once on console to be able to play on release and once on PC for when it comes out, and that’s very much a dick move.

Denice J. Cook

They do give a damn! Much like Zenimax with ESO, Bungie is using one platform (in this case, new-gen consoles, where with ESO it was PC) to beta test for the “chosen ones” to come later. :P


nope, that’s complete PR bullcrap as you can’t change major systems of a game that size in 2 months, and if they really did give a damn and wanted to make the game supposedly as good for PC player as they pretend they wouldn’t start the beta a month after but at the same time as consoles.


I keep seeing random slams on Destiny with very little to back it up. If the ‘grinding’ is what they don’t like they must hate MMO’s in general. Just glad there is at least one good PvE FPS game out there instead of yet another 1 dimensional team or arena shooter.

Reselect Name

I hope this game fails. Its so boring. I wish devs would stop making this kind of garbage.


Looking forward to it Bree! :)