Take an in-depth look at Destiny 2’s Endless Vale PvP map

It’s not going to blow your mind to find out that there’s going to be PvP in Destiny 2. Heck, it seems almost the norm for anything that is a shooter and has a console version. But even veterans of the original Destiny will find new things to appreciate with the PvP maps, and so you might as well catch up with a tour of the new Endless Vale map and the Control gameplay type.

There’s also a nice chunk of footage of the map being played with the Void Warlock and Sentinel Titan courtesy of IGN, so you’ll get to see the concepts behind the map and see them in action. All told, there’s a fair bit of footage, so while it may be safe for work you probably shouldn’t try to watch it all at once. Come back to it throughout the day.

Source: YouTube
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4 Comments on "Take an in-depth look at Destiny 2’s Endless Vale PvP map"

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Anytime I see PVP followed by “map” I lose interest.

Denice J. Cook

I just can’t shake the feeling that this is just another Destiny expansion pack at its core. Er, one that nukes the entire first games’ now-lengthy content and forces you to level again from scratch on too-little content, because…reasons.

Notice how they are just focusing on one revamped skill line for each class? That’s likely because the rest of each class is still the same as Destiny 1, yet Bungie is still forcing everyone to re-level from scratch.

Notice how they revamped where certain weapons can go in your loadout and how often you can switch them out? That’s because they were too lazy to properly rebalance every weapon class instead. Forcing more usage restrictions upon said weapon classes is a more slipshod way to do it.

I am trying the beta, but I don’t hold any real hopes for it. Destiny reached its pinnacle with The Taken King and went plunging downhill from there, I’m afraid.

Danny Smith

You will be shooting the same enemies for similar loot cobbled together around a story that collapsed utterly and is being pulled out their ass since then.

The default isn’t ‘maybe it will be better’ its ‘and how bad will it be at launch THIS time?’


Is this the exclusive map for Sony Playstation users?

I’ve lost track of what parts of the game are and are not actually relevant for me as a PC gamer.