Camelot Unchained works on an indoor space for players to explore

After last week’s truncated update, the Camelot Unchained team is roaring back with another one of its extensive and informative newsletters. Lots of progress on numerous fronts was reported, including functional siege engines, expansion of a mine, smoothly animated archery, realistic blood splatter, and about 150 hand-crafted icons for the new user interface.

It sounds as if supporters of the game will have a treat to look forward to enjoying: “Dionne finished a rough pass last week to figure out some of the basic scale of interior spaces. This week, she has continued to build new pieces with added props. Our first goal is to get an interior in-game for backers to explore and provide feedback. ”

If you have some spare time today, feel free to sit down with the devs for an even longer report on the week’s doings after the jump.

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7 Comments on "Camelot Unchained works on an indoor space for players to explore"

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Dean Greenhoe

I am looking forward to delving into the mines. I can see myself roaming around trying to not get lost and the suddenly, BAM a sniper caught me off guard and almost took my head off. That is what makes RvR exciting. This will a welcome addition the the world.

Francis Baud

So many items checked off the to-do list this month. The Siege engine card for Beta 1 seems almost complete now, and major cards (lighting & rendering, seamless transition, crafting/gathering, etc.) show good progress. Keep up the good work (otoh I believe it’s important to remember that it may be judicious to ship a game with just slightly less complex features rather than taking the chance to miss a window of opportunity).

I love Michelle’s drawings <3

Matthew Shannon

Out of curiosity what do you think should be trimmed. Now that Dev time is more on gameplay and mechanics, I hope to see the engine turn to a game.

Only one I question is how a class feels like a class. To early to tell. I like the ability system, just looking forward to the characters reflect and seem like a proper class.

I do like the pen and paper elements being used for character creation. I like the ideas of books and banes.

Francis Baud

I believe many of the following areas could have their complexity (quantity and scope) reduced a bit for launch, and more could be added to those features later: The Depths (PC monsters, AI, camera control, traps, amount of art required for environment / monsters / effects / sounds, etc.), the engraving & reaction systems (visible effects, combinations / resists, stats), the Places of Power, Veilstorms (effects on the world and on the players), interaction and collision between spells, diversity of the biomes, Realm-specific customization (props, environment, structures, etc.), transportation and vehicles (roads, boats, siege weapons, caravans, etc.), character stats and their effects on gameplay, body part, healer vision and wound systems, components for ability creation, character customization, armor slots and gears, animations (RP, emotes, combat, etc.), crafting elements (combinations, resources, steps, slots, etc.), stealth and Veil-related mechanics (veilwalking, camouflage, scouting, etc.), combat VFX / SFX, monitoring systems (daily report, active training, King’s rewards, RvR balance measures, etc.), AI/pathing for guards, monsters and NPCs, the bounty system (the features for Realm, guild, individual quests), soul stealing mechanics, API stuff (herald & armory and all other systems to make info available outside of the game), the handcrafted cities…

I think CU could be very fun to play and be a great game even if it doesn’t have like 3,500 animations, 150 different wood essences or 400 components at launch. I believe it would be beneficial to take a moment to think about the priorities / main goals and what is the best path to achieve them in a realistic time frame.

Matthew Shannon

Thanks for the list. You thought this out.

I am just afraid would this be the game I have been waiting for if these were removed.

You mentioned reduced and simplified. For some of those I agree.

Although the RvR, Depths, Pop, and API are all needed I’m some form for Beta 3. Need to get those tested.

Some of the Stretch listed could be added post launch. Although could be added sooner since its a custom engine. We as players do not know where the engine is at for future mechanics.

Thank for the response.

Matthew Shannon

This is Mine favorite update this summer so far. Seeing some interior space is great. I was always curious how they would do dungeon type environments on the tools side. Modular handcrafted or a dungeon builder toolset.

It would be cool if those mine segments could be created beneath cube foundations.


Wait, it this the first time we are getting interior space? Lol
I’m going to have to test that out when it’s ready. Biggest issue tends to be camera controls, either clipping into walls (which is does now even in open spaces), or moving into awkward positions (like inside the back of your characters head).
Something over the should I find tends to work the best in these instances.