Aion’s Omens of Ice update offers free goodie pack, shows trailer

“The awakening has begun.”

Aion’s big summer update is a scant two days away, but players can get ready for it right now. Omens of Ice will include three new instances (Bastion of Souls, Trials of Eternity, and Crucible Spire), two PvP arenas, and an upgradable combat pet type called minions. “These will aid you in battle with special abilities, fetch dropped items, grant your consumable items, and more,” the team explained.

Players who have an account in good standing are eligible for a goodie pack when Patch 5.6 comes out this Wednesday. This pack offers a Mystic Academy outfit, bonus XP boosters, and death penalty insurance. Brand-new players can grab these by registering their account by July 19th.

Source: Aion
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What a coincidence, I just discovered my old Steam version was no longer working and reinstalled the game over the weekend. Guess I’ll log in to take advantage of the free goodies, at least!