Crowfall’s in the middle of a massive day-long Q&A dev stream

So! It’s almost noon, and you have nothing better to do but sit around and watch people talk about video games for 12 hours, right? Oh, no? You have a job or classes or chores? That sucks. Me too! In that case, I won’t tell you about Crowfall’s all-day stream that’s live right now. You can’t watch it anyway, right?

(But if you can, it’s down below! As I type this, they just wrapped up a Q&A on races and classes and have now switched to demoing Assassin animations.)

Source: Twitter
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Dug From The Earth

I backed the game… still waiting for it to have some resemblance of what was originally pitched to us during the fundraiser though. Right now it feels more like Ark/Conan type game. At least from the limited time builds ive played.