DC Universe Online launches its far-reaching stats revamp

How do stats work in DC Universe Online? Before you answer, know that your answer is probably wrong if it doesn’t take into account today’s large-scale stats revamp patch. Yes, the patch that’s been in testing for half of forever is finally here, changing up every aspect of the game’s stats and powers to enable more diverse builds and make things simpler to understand while offering more options.

Power points are gone, new skill trees exist, and players can now more effectively differentiate between a power-focused build, a weapon-focused build, or a hybrid of the two. There are also new and changed powers across the board, ensuring that everyone has new toys and options to play with. Check out the full notes for all of the details, and log in to start learning how to value points all over again. Or, more accurately, log in once the maintenance downtime is over (it may be a while). Members can also grab a free respec token to go along with the change, since… well, under the circumstances, you’ll probably need it.

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2 Comments on "DC Universe Online launches its far-reaching stats revamp"

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I installed last night after not having played since release. I’m excited to start using that portion of my all access. Looks like the perfect time. If I remember right my toon was psionic and flew. That still sounds pretty sweet tbh.


I’m tempted to log back after last logging in, ooh, when the Green Lantern powerset came out. When was that?

Anyway, my main was a fire tank with dual pistols, but I never really liked the fire powerset all that much – the flaming boulder was nice but never really found a place on my bar and the rest was self-heals if I recall correctly. Going back in focused purely on the pistols sounds fun though.