Massively multiplayer wargame Foxhole hits early access

MMOs these days shy away from calling themselves massively multiplayer, so it’s always strange when a game that we wouldn’t assume is an MMO confidently adopts the label. I’m talking about Foxhole, a war game we might have binned alongside World of Tanks or PlanetSide 2, but it appears to be more like Battleground Europe, as its devs call it a “massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war.”

Foxhole is a large scale war game with emergent gameplay and unique sandbox features. The pre-alpha version of Foxhole has already been live for over a year and over 200,000 players have helped us shape the game as it is today. The process of developing the game with a live audience has allowed us to deliver on the gameplay that makes Foxhole so different from other online war games. We hope to continue this journey of development in Early Access, and make Foxhole an even better experience than it is today.”

Did we say early access? We did — the game hit early access yesterday and has surprisingly good reviews, probably because it’s a lot more finished that most of the pieces of crap that stumble into the program.

“The Early Access version available today is stable, balanced, and has no game breaking bugs,” Developer Clapfoot says. “In short, it’s playable on a daily basis and has been played by hundreds of players on a daily basis for a year now.” Aside from bugs, watch out for the minimalist tutorial. Developer Clapfoot won’t commit to a launch window but says it’s reasonable to assume a year at the least. The game is currently $17.99 on Steam.

Source: Steam via PC Gamer
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John Mclain

I bought this a few days ago and got to play it for about 6 hours before the work week started. I can say it’s definitely an interesting game, but it’s one of the few games I’ve played in ages where it’s basically MANDATORY to play it with a large organized group of friends. Solo it’s boring as hell though. Definitely took me a few hours to get the mechanics down even with the poor quality video tutorial which covers almost nothing sadly.


I disagree that many MMO’s are shy to label themselves as such. I think the actual issue is, people are labeling games as MMO’s that are not MMO’s.

I think I may give this game a try. Its good to hear the early-access is better than other offerings.


If this even remotely looks interesting to you, and you don’t mind FPS games, check out SQUAD on steam. It’s further along in development, has most of the same features (in a fps format), and is quite active with the backing of a very nice little studio.


Squad is nothing like Foxhole.
nt Squad dev but you may enjoy your 100 people playerbase yourself.

Steely Bob
Steely Bob

you’re right, squad is much better.

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Bree is not the least bit jadded and bitter about early access games.

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agemyth 😩

The pre-alpha version I played for free a few months ago seemed really cool but lacking in “features” or things to do (obviously). It was surprisingly not janky as hell and actually fun. I hope this game finds some success.