Stardew Valley multiplayer now slated for early 2018 launch

It’s been a long time coming, but Stardew Valley is finally seeing some movement on the multiplayer front: The official blog has a post from Chucklefish Games, which was brought on by creator Eric Barone to work on localization, multiplayer, and ports.

“I’m here with an update for those of you who have been waiting so patiently for news on multiplayer!” writes the Chucklefish dev. “Now that we’ve pinned down the main technical issues, we know enough to feel confident describing the gameplay you can expect from it.”

Multiplayer will apparently consist of bringing a few friends in as “farmhands” in the main player’s game. Player-to-player marriage, multiplayer-relevant UI, and events and festivals are coming too, though local multiplayer and PvP are off the table.

“You won’t need to set up a server to run multiplayer. Friends can be invited onto the farm through Steam. The invite mechanism for non-Steam versions is TBD, but likely to be similar in most cases.”

Beta is expected on Steam by the end of the year, with the launch scheduled for early 2018.

Multiplayer was originally announced in May of last year, at the time planned for the game’s 1.1 patch last December, but obviously that didn’t happen. Since then, the game launched a boxed collector’s edition for Xbox One and PS4, with plans to launch on the Switch too.

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8 Comments on "Stardew Valley multiplayer now slated for early 2018 launch"

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“…though local multiplayer and PvP are off the table.”

So no custody battles over who keeps a kid on their farm when one player gets tired of being the farmhand in a player marriage?


I still marvel at how someone that was not just writing a game on his off hours, but that started without any experience in making games, programming, graphics, etc, managed to both learn all he needed and make this game in just 4 years.

And also at how Natsume/Marvelous let this chance escape. There was enough demand for a a *good* Harvest Moon-style game to propel Stardew Valley over 3M sales on Steam alone, but both publisher and dev of the Harvest Moon series let this chance escape rather than acknowledge people play on something that isn’t a console.


Woo! Probably just in time to tide me over til Monster Hunter World comes out :D

Kickstarter Donor

*shovels dust off of SDV* A really good game that I put on hold until multiplayer was added.

Dread Quixadhal

I just wish they’d improve the console (controller) UI a bit. It’s a relaxing game to play while sitting on the couch, or would be if it didn’t rely on a mouse pointer moved by the controller to pick things.

But, making a new UI tuned for controllers is probably MORE work than adding multiplayer support. *chuckle*


PVP not planned.

gankfest in the garden lol…


Great game. Imagine this was an MMO, everyone got their own farm, could go after diff biomes, caves, etc.

Helder Frozenheart

I see a problem in this picture: you need to leave an area to walk between seeds/plants, because if you step on then the quality of the plant will decrease.