The Exiled invites you to test its limited-lives ‘survival mode’ for a free month

As The Exiled (formerly Das Tal) struggles to attract a large enough audience to sustain the game’s development and operation, the team turns to a new “survival mode” as a potential savior.

Starting tomorrow, The Exiled will only be operating for about three hours a day to encourage players to funnel into the game at the same time. While survival mode is active, all players will only have a limited number of lives and will need to drink from an oasis on a regular basis. If a player dies from thirst or combat too often, he or she will be booted from the game until the next day.

“If you run out of lives, you have to take a break from playing,” the team explained. “You’re out of the game. But of course we will make sure that lives are not suuuper scarce and that they refill over time (current plans: six lives max and you get three new lives per day).”

The team is not sure yet whether or not this mode will become the new normal for the game. The survival mode test will run for a month and will be completely free for anyone who would like to check it out!

Source: Steam
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9 Comments on "The Exiled invites you to test its limited-lives ‘survival mode’ for a free month"

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Jacobin GW

There is clearly a market for king of the hill type games, but they have to be in a lobby/timed match format. Longer than a standard MMO battleground but not over an hour.

Hardcore open loot works in these fast paced games since if you get killed you just move on to the next match.

In MMOs there is to much risk and therefore to much downtime between fights which makes the game way to boring to maintain a healthy playerbase.


Hmm, yet-another-PvP-gankbox fails to attract enough attention, sorry guys but maybe because there’s too many gankboxes in development right now ?

Raimo Kangasniemi

I tried The Exiled at one point; surprisingly got left pretty much in peace. Not the usual roaming hordes killing everything in sight, but perhaps that was exceptional or as a result of lack of players.

Melissa McDonald

Lemme get this straight. Not enough people are playing the game.

Sooo, you are going to limit the time frame in which they could play, and make it harder to play, even booting them from the game if they run out of lives?

What the bloody hell are you smoking?

A Dad Supreme

“…and will need to drink from an oasis on a regular basis. “
Kind of makes you wonder what’s in that oasis they’re telling everyone to drink from often and if they drink it themselves.

The Oasis of Kool-Aid?

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Ashfyn Ninegold

“The beatings will continue until moral improves.”

Mikka Hansen

Hesitant to charge enemy lines? lack of fightning spirit. *BLAM*

Enthusiastically charging enemy lines? Khorne worship. *BLAM*

Loyal Patron

going for a streaming audience. king of the hill.

Loyal Patron

*tries to become Battlegrounds*