Black Desert parent corporation is merging all its game businesses

MMORPG players know Kakao chiefly as the publishing and localization giant behind Pearl Abyss-developed Black Desert, but over in its native South Korea, the company is a massive conglomerate of multiple companies and mergers with internet subsidiaries covering everything from chat programs and blogging to fashion and an Uber clone.

And of course, one of its biggest businesses in recent years is its gaming sector, which Business Korea says Kakao is currently consolidating into a single holding company dubbed Kakao Games Holdings. According to the company, the goal is to increase efficiency in its main “cash cow,” focus on internal development, and ultimately increase the value and desirability of its planned IPO.

In addition to MMORPG Black Desert, the company runs multiple mobile games and has apparently secured a deal to publish PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in Korea.

Source: Business Korea via GIbiz
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3 Comments on "Black Desert parent corporation is merging all its game businesses"

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Joshua Dickerson

Ohh just wait until the BDO forums get news of this. The torches and pitchforks will be blazing with “Kakao Cash Grab confirmed!”, “This is the end of BDO!, mobile will take over!”

But honestly its a smart business move. As long as they stay in the green as far as profit. Plus the team seems a bit more focused with the direction they are going in.

Sally Bowls

Selfishly, I hope this works out well for the MMO, BDO. But Kakao’s mobile games were already 50% larger than its PC games. PBUG/KR will certainly be good for Kakao’s PC Games, but in terms of getting attention from corporate, I don’t see BDO winning a faceoff with PBUG.

“one of its biggest businesses in recent years is its gaming sector,” might oversell it a bit. Gaming, PC & Mobile combined, are a sixth of Kakao’s revenue. But getting them all together will hopefully increase the emphasis on games.


The Activision Blizzard of the east.

Makes sense.