Path of Exile preps for Xbox One, adjusts Harbinger challenge league

Even if you’ve spent all summer preparing to launch a major expansion, there’s no rest for the weary over at Grinding Gear Games. The Path of Exiles team published its first post-Fall of Oriath patch this week that was mostly aimed at shoring up the new Harbinger league while also adding new supporter packs to the game.

The patch delivers more stacks of currency shards to players and increases the frequency of Harbinger appearances across the game maps. Harbinger minions are also a lot tougher than they were previously, so beware!

Other things to expect from Patch 3.0.1 include a fix to charged dash, free bandit respecs in Act 2, and a wider variety of monsters on the Beachhead map. Head over to the patch notes to see what else you might be missing.

Meanwhile, Grinding Gear is readying the Xbox version:

“The long-awaited release of Path of Exile on Xbox One is right around the corner. We’re all set to make our console debut on August 24th at 2pm (PDT). We are very excited to welcome even more exiles to our community. As per usual, the game will be free to download and available to everyone! If you’re interested in supporting the continued development of Path of Exile, there is a brand new (optional) starter pack available for preorder now in the Xbox One store. The First Blood Pack includes 200 points to spend in the cosmetics store, the First Blood Weapon Effect and an Extra Stash Tab to get you on your way in Wraeclast.”

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3 Comments on "Path of Exile preps for Xbox One, adjusts Harbinger challenge league"

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Bart Cook

ATM this is my main game. I dropped all mmorpgs I have installed, and I work on my Atlas of Worlds with 2h Molten strike Juggernaut main [facetanking tier 9 so far].

I also run Shadow Flicker strike Terminus EST through new acts, and it’s a blast. That char can clear whole map in less than 2 minutes. But he can die even faster on bosses, so I need to work on defences now. POE keeps me busy, and grind is fun for now :D

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agemyth ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Take a walk on the wild side and play Hardcore characters ๐Ÿ˜Ž Its a hell of a rush. (I know it isn’t for everyone)

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Loyal Patron

Still enjoying my time in PoE and it is where most of my gaming is being spent at the moment.

A lot of folks seem to be a bit pissed off with the Harbinger League though, at least those folks who are concerned with end game mapping. While I have several character that can start on that part of the game I haven’t decided which one to use yet and am still testing a few builds through the story missions.

I will say Harbingers is not the most exciting league they have ever done but not the worst either imo.

I feel that a lot of the complaints stem mostly from the mapping part of the game still being the same old same old and didn’t really change much. So no matter what league was used in the 3.0 expansion we would still see the same complaints when folks got to that bit.

I am sure GGG will keep iterating and improving so mapping end game will get its turn again eventually once they are through with all the things that need sorting out from the expansion stuff.