The Stream Team: Dabbling in the Dauntless alpha

The Dauntless alpha started yesterday, and thanks to server issues, Massively OP’s MJ had difficulty getting in. But today she is determined to check this new game out! Will she be impressed like Andrew was during his E3 play test? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to see as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you a first look at…

What: Dauntless
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 19th, 2017

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!

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Dug From The Earth

I have to say, Im pretty disappointed in this games showing so far.

I get that its “alpha”, but the game just lacks in so many areas. It looks visually great, and seems to have solid coding, but the gameplay is just so bland.

1. 4 things to kill. The website says “more coming”, but what is that? 2 more? 3? 20? Compare 4 to the number of things you could kill in a game like Monster Hunter, and you will just :(

2. No minor things to kill? You mean to tell me there are no non-boss monsters roaming around that pose a threat? So basically, in each instance zone, there is only ONE thing to fight?

3. Gameplay seems to be very shallow. Get quest to kill 1 enemy, go there, kill enemy (and maybe harvest a few resources), turn in quest, craft better items, repeat.

4. Exploration seems to be pretty non-existent. As does any real sense of “hunting” down your target. You just sorta wander around a really small area and look for the large open field, where the boss is.

I really hope this is just a bare bones framework for the game being that its still alpha. But knowing games these days, im willing to bet overall gameplay isnt going to change much between now and release. Maybe we will see up to 8 different monsters to kill by then, and a lot more items to craft. I dont see how this game is going to be more than a 1 week venture for most gamers. While its a lot more similar to the Monster Hunter series, I get much more of an Evolve (the game) feeling from Dauntless, even though the AI controls the boss monster.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

There were minor critters to kill during my demo, so maybe MJ just wasn’t playing a level with them? For gameplay, she’s also at the start. I remember other bosses can come in, you might need to capture rather than kill, and sometimes the environment can change the way the boss reacts (i.e. finding a snow boss in a desert means it’ll be easier).

Also, I don’t see the Evolve comparison at all, unless you’re just thinking about it from the perspective of the hunters since it was 4 v 1 with the 1 being the big bad. You also didn’t get craftable loot in Evolve or missions (unless that’s been added since the relaunch)

Kickstarter Donor
Alex Js.

Yea, it’s EXTREMELY simplistic in its current form and I honestly don’t see it changing much, especially since the official release is planned for this year. They might be occasionally adding a few more monsters/weapon upgrades but the gameplay will essentially remain the same and the population of the game will most likely drop to near 0 a couple of months after its release… Really not sure WTF the game developers were smoking when planning this game and actually expecting it to be profitable.


I loved the art style, but watching it reminded me why I can’t stand Monster Hunter and most likely would dislike this game as well. The slow plodding combat combined with the lack of feedback just isn’t enjoyable for me. And while MH fans claim it’s more immersive and realistic to beat on an animal for 30 minutes with no feedback, the game has never been immersive or realistic in the first place so I’m not buying that excuse.


There is feedback in MH. The monster’s behavior and animations.


Rats missed it I guess I’ll have to wait for the video then.