Path of Exile debuts in China, teases next expansion for December

First it was the launch of its nest expansion, The Fall of Oriath. Then it was its launch on the Xbox One. And now Path of Exile is rounding out an exciting and exhausting month of activity by coming to China for the first time.

“For two years, we have been working with Tencent to bring Path of Exile to China,” Grinding Gear Games said. “After many months of beta testing, we are proud to announce that it has entered open beta today. Their release includes all of the 3.0.0 content and some specific changes for the Chinese region.”

The studio said that this was a “big thing” for the game’s worldwide plans, but that’s not all it’s working on: In fact, GGG is working planning its next expansion.

“Since late 2015, we have stuck to a schedule of releases every thirteen weeks, alternating between expansions (with attached small challenge leagues) and standalone challenge leagues. This schedule worked really well until the release of 3.0.0 shuffled it around, but we plan to get back onto this schedule with our next big release in the first week of December 2017. Rather than just a challenge league, this release will be a full expansion (though of course, not quite the same size as The Fall of Oriath!) Many members of our team are of course continuing to work on improvements to the Harbinger league and 3.0.0 content, which you’ll see rolled out over the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks for your support and for being a great community. “

Source: Path of Exile, more. Thanks BalsBigBrother!
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I’ve been having a blast getting back into the game after many years, even if I still have no clue what most of the shit is since so much has changed. Even got my roommate playing (for once!) so I’ve got a co-op partner.

Haven’t finished the expansion content yet, but I’ve been enjoying it so far. They did a good job with the “new” content, it’s obvious that it’s largely re-using all the existing stuff they had, but it’s got enough minor changes etc. to make it feel new – at least to me. But I haven’t spent years playing.

Oh well, already dropped some cash on stash tabs to support them, and if I keep enjoying the game (don’t see that changing soon : P) will happily drop more. Always liked GGG, glad I finally got my haggard ass back into PoE to see how great it and GGG continue to be.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

At this point, PoE has no rival in the marketplace.

D3 is in semi-maintenance mode where the release of a new class brought a lot of meh to players. It continues to wallow in the mud of never ending class imbalance, botting, power creep and stagnant endgame.

Grim Dawn has reach within the single player community, but hasn’t jumped the line to be a solid online alternative. With its upcoming expansion and new class, the Necromancer, no one rivals GD in the SP RPG market. During the recent Twitch stream of the Necromancer, Crate’s Zantai comments when asked about D2’s remastering, “I don’t know. Good for them, I guess. Certainly is nostalgic.” Clearly unconcerned with what Blizz might be doing with D2.

Skyforge made a poor first impression and despite having some terrific combat and improved systems overall since release, it still has some significant problems that keep players away, including a repetitious grind to rival D3’s and class imbalance.

PoE started out with D2 as it’s model but now exists in a class by itself. Whether you like the game or not, gotta give them kudos for continuing the be a leader in the genre.

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Yeah GGG are certainly not sitting back to rest on their laurels and they just keep grinding those gears. Good stuff and I can’t wait for the next step.


This is the one thing I’ll give POE over Diablo 3 and that’s the content pushes. I hate that there’s no content push for Diablo 3 anymore. Every patch is just armor/set tweaks but very few actually new zones/areas/rifts/maps/etc to play in.

If I liked POE I’d play it in a heartbeat.


All of the good F2Ps do a 3-4 month schedule. You keep bombarding people with content to the point where they feel if they log out for too long they will miss out on something. MOBAs as well but they try to keep a 2week – 1 month schedule so players can’t build up enough free currency to buy heroes, etc.