PSA: You can get Elder Scrolls Online for under 10 bucks

You have always been the frugal sort. You never buy anything unless it goes on sale, and you never set foot in a store without an eye for deals and a pocket full of coupons. So while you have looked with interest at Elder Scrolls Online, you have balked at paying the full purchase price.

Well, how’s a little less than 10 bucks sound? Right now, you can pick up the base edition of Elder Scrolls Online for $9.89 through the Humble Store. Additionally, this summer’s Morrowind expansion is also on sale, with the upgrade priced at $29.99, the standalone edition at $40.19, and the digital collector’s edition at $53.59.

ESO is part of an overall Bethesda sale that is going on from now through August 29th.

Source: Humble Store. Thanks Dibs!
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Roscoe Keller

I had always wanted to play, bought the base for roughly 10$ a few days ago. I’ve played a few hours, only level 11, but so far the game feels… simple? It’s cool to have a more blocking oriented theme-park MMO but I don’t feel engaged in the content, in the world.


I got it for $60 and I don’t even play it anymore… I feel scammed.

Justin Bania

Last time I tried to get into this game all I could think is “Why are there classes and why do I have to basically steal everything in the beginning?”. I wanted this to be more akin to Skyrim Online and it just wasn’t. The crafting system shows little appreciation for my time and the systems feel somewhat obtuse.

Castagere Shaikura

I bought Morrowind for 30 bucks. Sounds like a better deal than gw2 pof expansion to me.


I’ve been obsessed with Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind, especially the lore of the universe. But I just couldn’t stick with this one when I tried it at launch. Something just felt….off I guess…. about it. Not even sure what it was, it had the look of Elder Scrolls but was lacking the feel of it for me.

Might have to fire it back up and see if my opinion has changed with time, or the game possibly has. Is it any better on console? How is the game these days?

A Dad Supreme

“Additionally, this summer’s Morrowind expansion is also on sale, with the upgrade priced at $29.99”
Suppose you already have the base game.

If you buy Morrowind, do you get all the expansions that came before it unlocked ala SWTOR?


Nope. You can pick up the previous DLC packs pretty cheap though, since crowns are on sale.

odin valhalla

While I am no zenimax fan for how they handled the morrowind DLC with subscribers, I can say that the bast game for $10 is a bargain.


crowns are also on sale

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They mirrored the same sale that is on Steam, as they usually do.

While the ESO stuff is of no use to me I am seriously tempted to give Prey a spin at half price. Downloading the demo just to check how well it runs on my PC before I throw monies in the general direction of my computer.


Yeah, been wanting to pick up Prey and Fallout 4 for a while. Nice sales

Zulika Mi-Nam
Zulika Mi-Nam

I heard the Fallout 4 GOTY edition will be out soon. I will hold out til then.

Currently trying out XCOM2 – ftp via steam this weekend.