Final Fantasy XIV synergizes with Dominos and Netflix, throws a huge Mog Station sale

Like a mighty team of warriors coming together for a final boss battle, Square Enix has partnered up with some interesting companions to spread the word of Final Fantasy XIV.

Dominos has a new deal in Australia in which you can order a “Pizza and Gaming Bundle” that includes three pizzas, garlic bread, a drink, and a download of FFXIV and its two expansions, all for $50. That should fuel your gaming caloric needs for the first few days, at least.

Over at Netflix, there’s a new series called “Dad of Light” in which a Japanese father and son end up bonding together over the MMORPG. Supposedly it’s based on a true story, and let us hope that story is more interesting than watching two people sit in front of a screen for a season. I mean, we have Twitch for that already.

If pizza and TV isn’t your thing, how about discounted deals on in-game goodies? To celebrate its 10 million players milestone, FFXIV is putting a large chunk of the Mog Station on sale over the next month. Everything except Tales of Adventure boosts and dyes will be 30% off through September 26th.

Source: Netflix, Dominos, FFXIV. Thanks SockMafia!
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Sabir Rao
Sabir Rao

It is at your will to get some thing to have the netflix account that you are looking for.

Matt Redding

Ten packs of dyes are included just not single dyes.

Kickstarter Donor

A promotion like this actually happening in Australia? Will wonders never cease…

Have to say, I’m actually a little tempted. I haven’t played FFXIV since before Heavensward. Trying to main tank with shitty AU latency made for a frustrating experience.

Can any Aussies currently playing comment on their experience? Ping still rubbish? (Not particularly keen going back to using WTFast etc. for marginal/perceived improvement)

Danny Smith

Wasn’t Daddy of Light originally based on that guy that catfished his own dad?

Nathan Aldana

Daddy of Light got a us release. wtf.


Neil Hamburger sums up my feelings on Domino’s Pizza

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OK Dad of Light is now on my Netflix watch list, it looks like it might be a sweet feel good type of deal. You need one of those in your life every now and again.

*goes back to watching The Mist*

Mari, Ojibwe Writer

It appears as though someone (not me) already has all these items !


Someone may have already gone to town piling their main up with emotes. *cough*