One Shots: Alien sunset

I will admit that I’ve been craving a good space exploration sim lately — the burn to “explore strange new worlds” is rising inside of me. Should Elite Dangerous be my course? Reader Andrew makes a compelling case with this week’s headliner.

“I recently took an exploration adventure in Elite Dangerous to the ghost ship Zurara on the edge of the galaxy in the Formadine Rift and put together an album of screenshots that I took along the way,” he sent in. “Here I am enjoying the sunset before I leave the Bubble Nebula and head out to the next and final stop on my journey.”

If you haven’t played this, don’t judge Ryuen for faltering in the face of terror. You haven’t been there, man! You don’t know what it’s like!

“This mission in Secret World Legends really made me think some Funcom devs wanted to one-up F.E.A.R in the scary little girl department. And while I knew what was coming from my time is TSW, I still managed to get spooked enough to momentarily get flustered and die, which annoyed me.”

Last week I asked players to share pictures of their greatest MMO pet peeves, and Rees Racer was more than up to the task.

“This is NOT a bloody jumping ‘puzzle’ as much as an infuriating and sadistic exercise in senselessness,” he said. “I honestly believe I might have quit playing Guild Wars 2 shortly after launch because of this singular exercise in futility located in The Grove. I’ve since been able to do it (using the action camera helps), but it has not made it any easier for multiple characters to accomplish.”

Or what about bad armor? That can be a pretty big pet peeve for many of us.

“Look, I know my FFXIV character was just a few weeks old — and I know there aren’t any bathrooms in this game — but diapers?” writes Camelotcrusade.

Battle diapers. There’s a difference.

Michael18 has been to the brink and beyond: “There are a few annoying things about LOTRO: Mordor, mostly related to a couple bugs here and there, but I don’t have any screen shots of those and it’s nothing game breaking. On the other hand, SSG took some excellent design decisions with this expansion and I’m enjoying it a lot.

“We all thought it will be interesting to see how SSG is using the freedom after finishing the main plot line of the Lord of the Rings books. But it seems the most liberating aspect was to leave the civilized, relatively peaceful lands of Rohan and Gondor that we traveled for the past years. They really went crazy with some of the locations and adversaries they throw at us. And with some of the quest givers!”

Can’t believe we are already at the end of another One Shots column! Now that my job is done, yours is just beginning: Root through your screenshot folders to find (and share) a picture of something inexplicable in an MMO. Maybe it’s a location, or a detail, or a person that makes no sense and is never fully explained to you. Maybe we can help you figure it out!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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Ket Viliano

Boy, they really start you out as a noob in FFXIV, don’t they?

Level up, and get your Big Boy Battle pants on!

Malcolm Swoboda

I just did that SWL mission (twice). :S. Only thing left is the achievement for it. Annoying.



From a Sylvari’s standpoint, are these ones here drinking, taking a shower, doing their laundry or are Sylvari such practical thinkers and they actually like doing all those three things at once just to save time? o.O

Some stressed out parent would love that idea! ;P


The fallen tower of Barad Dur


Had a peculiar visitor to the beach for the Moonfire Faire this year…


I recently took an exploration adventure in Elite Dangerous to the ghost ship Zurara

Is that what Frontier calls Elite Dangerous’s zero-gameplay non-interactive static eye-candy space objects now? Ghost ships? :-)

Melissa McDonald

We came from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
Hammer of the gods
We drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde, sing and cry,
Valhalla, I am coming!
On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore


Something inexplicable? Yeah, it’s called the Roche limit. Shouldn’t this be a thing here? o.O

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Tried to check all the boxes with this one…

inexplicable alien sunset.gif


Melissa McDonald

Who doesn’t want to be silky smooth?


Yay, thanks for the feature, Justin! :)