Neverwinter is going to refine the art of refinement

Are you a fan of Neverwinter’s current system of refinement? The developers certainly aren’t, which is why the system is being massively overhauled from top to bottom and streamlined. No more doubled refinement weekends, no more managing a huge system of items in your inventory just to manage what you’ll need for refinement, no more making Bonding the be-all and end-all of refinement. Now the system will use one unified currency, the item requirements have been vastly reduced, and doubled refinement weekends are going away forever.

The complete list of mechanical changes can be looked at here, as well. Player feedback has already brought up that this might impact the ability of players to really manage alts as well as the amount of bank space many players bought just to keep up with refinement; the changes to Bonding having less overall uptime have also been sharply negative. Of course, none of these changes is live yet, so you can feel free to join in the feedback thread to voice your own opinions.

Source: Refining Refinement, Technical data, feedback thread; thanks to Jon for the tip!
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I really do wish them luck with that.


Anything they do to reduce bag clutter is A.O.K. with me, and I say this as a registered Altaholic.

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Bhima Jenkins

How are you an altaholic in Neverwinter? This game does everything in its power to force you to play only one character (ie: boons from campaigns take months to unlock, bonding stones/gearing is also very unforgiving), while the others are job bots/Cloak Tower runners.


Very simple: 1-60 is still great fun, and 60-70 is do-able, with patience and the understanding that trying to speed through it is a losing proposition. The longer you play, the more account-wide freebies and little boons you accumulate (plus the starting game is very generous now), so that when you do roll a new one, they can arrive in PE and start hoovering up goodies until they have a very slight edge over total virgins. I agree, the amount of grind in the late game is insane. I have two mains who are basically faaaairly up to date with everything, and everyone else is 60+. Not all of them I’d bother levelling to completion. Like, I don’t get on very well with my Hunter, so I dragged her painfully to 60 then dumped her in a tavern. :D But yeah, Altoholism is a viable disease in Neverwinter. :D

Indigo Salma

Should i expect other measures of cash infused system ?

Bruno Brito

sigh, this game is a sad story.