Niantic is releasing new Pokemon Go raids despite major bugs

Hot on the heels of its legendary bird raidsPokemon Go will have Generation 2’s legendary dogs as the game’s newest raids starting August 31st. As the dogs roamed the 2-D landscape 1999, they’ll now roam the world’s gyms, with each dog being a region exclusive for about 30 days before moving to a new territory.

Electric dog Raikou will be in the western hemisphere, fire dog Entei will roam Europe and Africa, and “why is this still weaker than Vaporeon?” water pup Suicune will be doggy paddling around Asia. For those thinking about jumping back into the game, Reddit user RyanoftheDay, who often creates infographs for the game, has already put together an image to help people prepare for the pups. In addition, EX Raids (formerly called “Exclusive Raids”) will be distributed to the public soon for events starting September 6th.

Despite the fact that the dogs (and Mewtwo) largely make the birds less useful, there is still a bigger concern: Raids are still a buggy mess. Polygon recently summed up many of the problems plaguing raid basics since their release to appease players burned by the epic fail of the Chicago event. Everything from receiving prizes to the catch mechanics for the real prize have been a mess, with Niantic only recently fixing the “last ball” bug players found through trial and error. As doing multiple raids per day costs real money, it’s surprising that more people aren’t up in arms about wanting compensation or more than a “one-time courtesy” refund when paid content fails.

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