The Walking Dead IP is getting a new augmented reality game, like Pokemon Go but maybe better

Next Games, the company behind The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, recently announced an AR game based on the Walking Dead IP.

What’s interesting is that unlike Pokemon Go, the Walking Dead’s AR seems to be a key feature of gameplay, not an add-on, and it’s being marketed as such. Players will need to follow AR clues to find survivors and physically move around to find and combat zombies which may surround them. While that does seem highly engaging, I know I’ll have to worry about non-gamers reacting to AR weirdness in meat space, sort of like in Pokemon GO raiding situations in high-traffic areas.

In addition, comparing the demographics of The Walking Dead TV series to Pokemon GO player demographics reveals quite the overlap in terms of gender and age. Both have nearly equal appeal between the genders and primarily seem to attract people in their 20s and 30s. This means Niantic might actually have competition from another AR game based on a strong IP. It’ll be interesting to see how the community responds once The Walking Dead: Our World arrives.

Meanwhile, Disruptor Beam, creators of the Game of Thrones: Ascent game we covered long ago on Massively-of-old, just released strategy game The Walking Dead: March to War today, based more on the comic than the show, or so it seems from the art direction. It’s not so much an MMO as a mobile strategy game with asynchronous multiplayer, though to what extent, I wasn’t able to experience before realizing it’s perhaps far too similar to GoT:A’s “game of timers” playstyle.

Jason Booth of Asheron’s Call fame had previously noted that he’d not only been working on March to War but had been trying to get AC’s allegiance system worked in. We’ve reached out to Booth to see if he’d be willing to drop any hints on how successful he was at that, but the team’s blog post on communities doesn’t inspire any confidence that he was successful.

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Wonder when this will release, I’ve got a few friends that would be down for it.


D&D should be looking at this. AR adventures would be great, running a party either solo as part of a group, taking down beholders and raiding dragon lairs. It has consistently been the IP I think would work the best with this outside of Pokemon. It could also appeal to a slightly different audience, one that can appreciate the concept but wants more depth to their gameplay.

Instead of new Pokemon you could find loot, unlock different subclasses and races.

Brown Jenkin

This would be absolutely amazing, though it sounds like it would sort of be a more innately socially dependent game than PoGo… since D&D is pretty heavily about the party and roles.


Lawds yes they should. I’d love to wander the AR world of my neighborhood slaying gobbos and find a nearby ‘dungeon’ at the nearby Autobell carwash.

Kickstarter Donor

People freaking out in stores and on streets while fighting zombies causing disruptions on their mobile phones, paying no attention to what they’re doing or where they are going.. I’m calling it right now their will be a slew of accidents, robberies and complaints with this games release just like their was with Pokemon Go.


Kickstarter Donor
Tobasco da Gama

PokeGo sucks, but I really do think AR games in general have a lot of promise. I’m excited to see what happens in this genre, even though nothing about a Walking Dead AR game, specifically, appeals to me.

Don Nascimento

This is so incredibly stupid. I am sorry.