Camelot Unchained designs beta siege battles

It’s not hard to imagine the Camelot Unchained fan as a curious and excitable prairie dog popping up whenever the word “beta” is mentioned. The wait has been long, the promises many, and the development of this RvR MMO seemingly never fast enough for both the fans and the devs.

But could the Beta 1 test actually be nearer than we think? There are certainly a lot of mentions of the test itself in this week’s newsletter, including a revised Beta 1 document on the official site. The team also discussed how it’s drafting up designs for siege battles to take place during the test and provide an important stepping stone to the future: “These battles are being designed primarily to be fun, and importantly, to test our work in Beta 1 and beyond.”

It saddens us to report that Camelot Unchained has killed Superman. Well, the “Superman” bug, that is. Apparently there was a glitch that kept player characters stuck in a falling/flying pose while moving around, but now that’s a funny memory rather than an awesome reality.

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Mateusz Pachnik

Can we get the “superman” in game as an emote, pretty please?


Fewer micro-details, more big picture, please. How scared are these guys to set a deadline after their original screw-ups?


The big picture is available almost since the start of the project. Look at the design docs on the website. There’s also the Beta Doc which gets released part by part atm, which gives the outlines to what the Beta will include.

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They are not scared about a new deadline but they don’t want to promise something they can’t deliver. People who demand a date for beta 1 will be the first one complaining when they can’t make said date “You PROMISED us to be in beta 1 by february!!!!”
CSE said they will announce a date when their 3 core features are in the game and in a good shape. Those are the animation system (Andrew is still working on it), the VFX system (they start making it more shiny instead of just tech) and the last one is (I think) SFX but not sure about this.

For those things the micro-details are important. Every step with the animation system means we a re closer to the opening of beta 1. When I read week after week they improved the animation system I’m happy and know we are closer.

When you are not interested into the details you can just check back once in a while. We will be in alpha for quite some time (at least weeks maybe months).


You must be new to the genre, but players are fed up with “big picture” that fails to deliver. The problem is not knowing if all the parts of the big picture actually works or not. To know that each piece is being tested, being functionality viable, being put together is overall developing the big picture through the tiny pieces.

How many games gave “big picture” ideas without backing up the technological feasibility behind them? Siege wise, I can definitely point to Age of Conan’s befuddlement.

What “original screw-ups” are you talking about, anyways? That a few made-up deadlines that they said they’ll try to hit were missed? Anyone who followed the initial campaign off of Kickstarter knows that they went Publisher-free just so that they could TAKE THEIR TIME in developing the game right, their way. And unfortunately taking time does mean to push it back by many months to years. But that means that the developers have the right game out of the gate and aren’t playing Fix-it Felix just after launch trying to repair and rebuild a game with a bunch of broken windows.


Nope, been playing since the launch of EQ1. And this type of delay is unprecedented and new to the crowdfunding scene, where developers don’t have a proper publisher at the reins to make sure that things stay on track. That’s why they’re already more than 2.5 years late on their original estimate for Beta 1. I just remember when MMO’s used to promise AND deliver.


Really now? Because kickstarter launched in April 2013, and with it being 2017…..that’s barely 4.5 years in development. And mind you most of that time was creating a BRAND NEW GAME ENGINE FROM SCRATCH.

EQ1 took 4 years, launching in 1999 after a 1996 concept by Brad McQ.

Spore took 9 years to develop. Same with Prey and Team Fortress 2. Duke Nukem Forever took a whooping 14 years. Mind that NONE of those games have the complexity of an MMORPG on the scale that CS is doing with CU. They’ve simultaneously built a builder sandbox (C.U.B.E.) that works within and of the same engine of the MMORPG so that as to allow those builder sandbox elements to be transferred into the overworld game.


Yawwwwwwwwwwwn…Sorry, is it Beta 1 yet? Maybe only 3 years late by the time it gets there? Keep making excuses for them, though. Excuses and perpetual development are what these crowdfunded games thrive on.


Game development is messy, things rarely stay on track. MMO’s esp.
There are a lot of moving parts and there is a lot that can go wrong. Delays happen.

It only seems unprecedented because CSE are being so transparent about it’s development process, so you seeing all the nuts and bolts, including when things don’t go well or when there is a major change early.
Normally you wouldn’t see any of this, so your not even aware of major delays that do happen.

Just because you personally aren’t aware of them, doesn’t mean that delays and all sorts of internal problems haven’t been happening in many of the games you play.

A delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is forever bad.
What is important is they CSE take their time and do it right, and since we can see damn near everything they are doing, we can see that they are indeed making progress.
Just be patience. Good things come to thous who wait.


People should take the time to read the Beta 1 doc.
It contains a lot of juicy information, and gives a better idea of what we can expect from beta.
Such as:

Improved character creator
Safe/Building islands (for construction testing)
Landing areas (hub areas)
Land plots
Contestable islands
and more, as it will be updated as we go along.

I’m on board for the most part, thou I do have problems with some parts of it.
Not for beta mind you, everything here is gold. But like scaffolding, while it’s great for construction, not necessarily the case when the project is built.
Some elements could cause more harm then good in a live version.

Fortunately we are no where near that, so it isn’t a problem.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the first beta turns out. I haven’t been an active in RvR or PVP or even a guild since War shutdown. It would be fun to get back into it War was some of the most fun I had playing with others.

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look forward to seeing this game in beta. it’s one of the games me and my guildies have agreed to play once it comes out. and we’re kind of in this mode where not much is doing it for us these days altogether so it’ll be nice to have some things to play all together for a change.