TERA M brings some (but not all) of your classes and races to mobile

In case it slipped your attention when we reported on it last month, TERA is indeed receiving a full-fledged mobile spin-off. The game, called TERA M, is a prologue of sorts to the current action MMO and is being developed by Netmarble.

More details are emerging from Korea about what players can expect to find when they pick up TERA M, such as the choice of characters. The studio revealed the class and race lineup, with each race in the mobile game sporting a single, set class. And yes, everyone’s favorite childlike Elin are back, if you were wondering.

The roster includes: Elin Priest, Human Female Brawler, Baraka Lancer, High Elf Archer, Human Male Slayer, and the Popori Alchemist. The latter is apparently a brand-new class created just for the mobile game.

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4 Comments on "TERA M brings some (but not all) of your classes and races to mobile"

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Some of you may be thinking that the “M” stands for “mobile”, but nay! I can assure you, it is most definitely for “microtransactions”!


If the 1.5 seconds of gameplay we see is actually the mobile game in action, they really ought to show more of it as it looked pretty decent. What is it with trailers? This is the reason people don’t go by them anymore and we all go to watch real gameplay videos instead.

I know they think it’s building excitement, but does trailer trickery ever really work? If the game stinks people leave. If it’s not as good as the trailer made it out to be, they complain about how much of a let down it is and they leave. Just show us the normal gameplay already, don’t try to do these tricks to make us think we’re excited about it because you put exciting things in the video that are only cut scenes etc and music having nothing to do with the game.

James Mock

Hm, I wonder if Alchemist will make its way back in regular TERA…

Melissa McDonald

Villagers & Heroes and AdventureQuest 3D are pretty decent mobile MMOs, I would like to see how this compares.

The way my life goes, it seems I don’t have a great deal of downtime away from home where I would invest a lot of time in a mobile MMO, but I think our smart phones will eventually replace our PCs, so I definitely want to keep tabs on this. Very curious to see this and Black Desert Online’s mobile offering. These are way more than the simple RTS/cash shop games you mostly find in the mobile world, that’s for sure.

V&H and AQ3D are actual, real, familiar-type MMOs.